Mar 082017

Also released today for Miku Day (3/9) is a new Hatsune Miku V4X model by REMmaple for MikuMikuDance! The model beautifully recreates every detail of the original design by iXima, and is available for free download from the link below. Be sure to follow the usage guidelines outlined in the ReadMe file!

Model Download:

You can also follow REMmaple at these pages!


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  • 39MikuIt

    Not to alarm you but someone is plagiarizing your content w/o credit.
    There are several more “blogs” with the same exact wording.

  • jrharbort

    They mention on their profile page that they get it from “MikuFan”, but no links are provided. The articles themselves also give no link credit. I would appreciate if you could help pass along my request that they fix their articles with more proper credits.

  • 39MikuIt

    Ok so after approaching them, they claimed they have permission after talking to you (which I’m sure they had in the first place), but still no credit has been added to their articles.

    Sorry for the bother.