Aug 032014

The Digi-Eye augmented reality application that was mentioned in our previous article has been activated, and viewers can now enjoy a “live” performance of Hatsune Miku dancing and singing to a new song composed by Mitchie M.

The application is available globally for iOS, but the Android version is unfortunately region locked to Japan (Sorry Android users!). However, I think the lock was a mistake, and I’m looking into it. I will edit this post with an update if it is changed.

iOS (Global):
Android (Japan-only):

The application also requires the Digi-Eye product box to work as the stage for the live performance. Can’t buy it? You’re in luck! Rohto has made a printable version of the box available online for those unable to purchase Digi-Eye.

-> Printable Box Download <-

Below are a few snapshots of the application in action.

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  • Wonderful!

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  • NitzkieX2

    I do not understand how this works. All I get from using the app is this weird warning of sorts. If there was an English guide I’d be happy to know where could I have one.

  • Emma Okumura

    Downloaded it! Its so much fun! you can pan the camera around to view different angles of her, and even pause her for a photo!

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  • jrharbort

    Just use the 3rd button to activate the AR functions. You will need the box image linked above for it to work, though.

  • Josh Skid

    Can’t wait to get this!! >_<

  • BethanxRees

    Awhh, don’t make us Android users jealous! XD

  • Darconn

    If you have an Android, you can use a VPN

    scuse for my english

  • whollibaugh .

    Bought some Digi-Eye on a recent trip to Japan. Did some search & found this cool app associated with it.

    I have an Android Galaxy Nexus for the US and so all seemed lost…
    @Darconn, via my phone I tried to use a VPN (set to Japan) to download the app. To no avail.

    However! Using a VPN (also set to Japan) from my PC, I was able to log into my Google account on Firefox (Chrome didn’t seem to work) select my phone for the app, verify my identify, and then download the app to my phone via my PC!!!
    (My Android was still logged into a VPN via Japan during the download, not sure if that mattered. I think no)

    Long story short, it worked and I used the app for the first time. Laughed the whole time. It was pretty cool.

    Hope my advice helps those who are having trouble.

  • Jorge Luiz Rodrigues Vilella

    You can use a VPN and a Google Account that doesn’t have any payment methods linked to it for direct phone access. GPlay checks payment methods, if none, then it checks your IP. Also, the check is done on in-app account switch (if there are multiple) and on app load (which means that if you just have an account, force stopping it will work).

  • anonmose

    PDF link is dead