Aug 102017

It looks like Hatsune Miku’s V4 Chinese Vocaloid software release date (?) has possibly been decided, as a special countdown page has opened up at, linked from the main SCLA teaser page. is suspected to become China’s own version of, which is Crypton Future Media’s peer professional collaboration site for Vocaloid content creators.

The countdown shows 20 days remaining in China time, which translates to the timer ending on Hatsune Miku’s birthday on August 31st. The timer runs off your system time, so it’ll show different timers for different countries, be careful! Whether or not the countdown is for the launch of Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese,, or both, is still a mystery. Stay tuned!

Easter Egg: Try swiping left or right while visiting the countdown website on mobile!

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  • Samuel Leuenberger

    I’ll sure be looking for Solpie’s remaster of his songs with this new VB.
    Also note that there’s not really an Easter Egg, just the fact the interface allow you to select which official Miku you want displayed (iXima / Key) and this change is also available on a PC browser. But the nice thing on the smartphone version is that Miku float accordingly to the screen orientation

  • I am hoping this is a true licensed collab and not an IP theft.
    Something about “Chinese” anything is troublesome.

    that chinese site “” from original japan “” is like how they China copyrighted original Japan “Playstation” to Chinese “Polystation” blatant copyright/ theft.

    Im just cautious of my money because I only want it to go to the REAL Miku and not the fakes.

  • Tony Leong

    I agree. ANYTHING “MADE IN CHINA” is downright crap. And they are NEVER original in anything and think that being highly flashy and “look” stand-out-ish would cut it…pathetic. I would rather splash the cash for anything made in Japan in its original state that is treated with soul and respect unlike the shitty Chinese who only copy without even understanding the subject or anything that they copy. The only thing authentic about them is that they are cheap copycats. Worthless.

  • Well said man, 1000% with you on that.
    Im glad someone else out there understands as well.