Apr 142017

Start warming up your artistic fingers, because the Snow Miku 2018 art design collaboration on Piapro is now open! Next year’s theme is an interesting one, and the collaboration is calling for designs with the theme of “Animals“! So maybe some Hokkaido wildlife can serve for some inspiration?

Your designs for Snow Miku and Rabbit Yukine will have a chance at being featured as the 2018 Snow Miku design for various collaborations and goods for next year’s Snow Miku events, including made into official nendoroids and figmas!

There’s some rule changes compared to last year, so make sure to follow these very closely, otherwise your entries will be invalid! Entries are open starting now, and will close on May 12th at 5:00 PM JST!

Target Characters

Snow Miku, Rabbit Yukine

Work Size / Resolution

Any, Unspecified

Entry Eligibility

Any applicants registered to piapro.jp, and agree to the application method and rules of entry.

File Format

Any, Unspecified

Color Mode


Additional Remarks

You can post any number of works made by yourself.

Art Submission Notes

> Please use the Nendoroid 3 side chart template when drawing your design! Link → CLICK HERE
> You must draw Snow Miku and Rabbit Yukine together on your entry as a set! Do not draw them on separate entries!
> VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure you lock the art submission tag on your design! Tag should be shown as “2018年雪ミク衣装”.
> VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your art is submitted without any licenses! During the submission process linked below, you’ll be presented with a list of licenses. Choose the checkbox at the bottom for “Upload without licenses”.

-> Click Here To Begin Submission Application <-

Good luck to everyone that applies! If you wish to check out all the submissions so far, you can find them on the collaboration submissions page. If your submission does not appear on the submissions page linked below, then you missed one of the “VERY IMPORTANT” steps listed above! You will have to reupload your entry to fix it.

Submissions page: http://piapro.jp/pages/official_collabo/2018snowmiku/list

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  • Kim Tatarka

    I knew that it was going to be animals! Oh my god, I’m so happy!! I’ll post my design in another comment later…

  • Kiru

    Is the Nendoroid base a must or can we draw our own body?

  • Kim Tatarka

    Normally, you wouldn’t need it (Heck, 0% of all winners used the template, and 1/6 of the finalists from last year actually used it). But, this really depends on who translates it. They want you to use it as much as possible if you use Google translate.

  • jrharbort

    This year they would prefer you use the template to make the adoption process easier.

  • jrharbort

    Make sure you only post a link to your submission!

  • Kim Tatarka

    I know :). Thank you for letting me know though. *Do you ever enter these? (The capital O was an accident)

  • jrharbort

    I don’t have any artistic talent myself, so I don’t enter.

  • Salteh

    Are we allowed to submit more than one entry?

  • Kim Tatarka

    Heh, it’s okay. I was pretty terrible last year to say so myself.

  • jrharbort

    Yes, we explained that in the rules in the artcle. Make sure you read them very carefully.

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  • gisleidy hernandez

    How can i join the competition? sorry for the question but the piapro pages are in japanese. And another question: if you can draw it on a paper how can you send it for the competition? Its my first time i really want to try this competition because i have some arte skill so please help me.

  • jrharbort

    Registration on piapro is super easy despite being Japanese. For uploading, just follow the submission application, it’s pretty self-explanatory (it does most of it for you). Also, if you’re drawing traditional, print out the template, then you can scan it to upload as your submission.

  • gisleidy hernandez

    Okay thank you!

  • Esmahasakazoo

    I was so excited about this when I found out this morning! I just uploaded my design to Piapro just a couple of minutes ago.

  • Callista-jade Knights

    I noticed that not all the entries are in the works list dispite having the tag
    why is that? mine isn’t in there either

  • jrharbort

    Can you link yours so we can confirm the tags and permissions settings are correct? I noticed some entries failed to lock the tag, or remove all the licenses.

  • Interesting, maybe I participated, I already participated in the previous ones, and I lost all! (T ^ T) But this time it’s different, I think … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26ae09d3e6e07e6e4c1a1a9576ad056dc91643f18a705116a74b441b2f2cf40e.jpg

  • Kimi

    Ok, so the template is a requirement this year. Nothing again drawing additional figures just to explain where everything goes right?

  • jrharbort

    Additional figures are okay!

  • Little Bamboo

    Can I redraw the bodies or do I draw straight on top? (For traditional art)

  • Callista-jade Knights
  • Callista-jade Knights

    I just re uploaded it and made sure there was no licenses on it, it’s in the work list now

  • jrharbort

    Drawing on top would be recommended. Tracing for parts should be okay, too.

  • jrharbort

    Much better! Good luck!

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    I’m gonna try my goddamn hardest to make a design! I’ve been having this competition on my mind since forever and I finally know the theme! Now, I can start to actually make a reasonable design that isn’t very random!
    Wish me luck!
    Also, I’m a traditional artist and I work with paper and markers. A scanned photo would work, right?

  • jrharbort


  • Little Bamboo

    Ok thanks very much!!

  • Stella Bella

    is there a prize for the winners ?

  • Kim Tatarka

    Not really a prize, but your design will be featured as a mascot for all products correlating with that year. Including a theme song and a module for the Project Diva games.

  • Dont mess with Kids symmetry

    Is there any prizes for this?

  • IzzyGee

    so when the finalists are announced will they each get a nendoroid of their design even if it isnt chosen?

  • IzzyGee

    also my entry!!

  • Dont mess with Kids symmetry

    How do I know if the tags are locked? Is it if they show up here? http://piapro.jp/pages/official_collabo/2018snowmiku/list

  • Man… im kinda hesitating but atleast try. Dx

  • Nope. Only the first place winning design gets the honor of being the design for a nendo and figma.

  • jrharbort

    Your entry is invalid. You didn’t follow the “VERY IMPORTANT” steps listed above.

  • jrharbort

    It’ll show a lock icon next to it if anyone tries editing it.

  • Salteh

    What does it mean by “lock the tag”? I put the needed tag on my work, but it isn’t showing up on the entries page.

  • Salteh

    Update: I locked the tag and did everything it says, but it still isn’t there.

  • Romy Halfweeg

    Hi! Thank you so much for your blog, I couldn’t have done it without 🙂 Can you pretty please check if I didn’t mess up? http://piapro.jp/t/_edh I think it should be fine but I want to make sure cause I spend a couple of hours on this and it would be sad if it doesn’t show up. Thanks again!!

  • Vocaloidevil !

    Ahh okay hi! Thank you so much for this! I’ve always wanted to compete for snow miku and now I can! Heres the link, i’m really proud http://piapro.jp/t/blG_

  • jrharbort

    It shows on the submissions page, so you did everything correctly.