May 242017

There was a lot of exciting news from Good Smile Company’s livestream event! In the way of new announcements, the beginning of the stream revealed two new figures: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2013 version, and a 1/7 scale figure of Racing Miku 2016: TeamUKYO version!

Next was the Snow Miku 2018 design finalists announcement, with 6 designs chosen. The six finalists were Anzu Natsumikan (#1), Mori (#2), Wanekoto (#3), Komadori Ui (#4), Zaao♪ (#5), and Taicha Don (#6). The initial live stream vote showed the #5 design by Zaao♪ to be the most popular. However, voting isn’t done yet!

Until May 29th, Good Smile Company has opened a web poll on their website where worldwide fans can choose their favorite Snow Miku design out of the 6 finalists. The results will be announced at this year’s Magical Mirai! Cast your vote at the following page:

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  • Stella Bella

    To tell the truth, the finalist is so disappointing… There are amazing designs didn’t make it to the list and they are way better than these
    some of them doesn’t representing the theme “Animal”….

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    All the designs are beautiful and were chosen despite not being that focused on the theme. I voted for 3 idk. Some designs were great but lacked bright colors, some were bright and amazingly designed but didn’t match the theme that much. Though whichever design wins, they’re all pretty.

  • Kim Tatarka

    All of them do. 1 and 2 are foxes, 3 is a jellyfish, 4 and 6 are cranes, and 5 is a swan. Voted for 2 and 4 cuz they are so cute….

  • Myamochi

    Honestly the finalists are always disappointing compared to all the most popular entries. I always checked back to the entries page and see some GREAT designs but the finalists always seem to be the weaker of the bunch. Not to say all of these are bad (I like all of them except #3… those colors are just bad) but after last year’s results I wasn’t expecting too much from this year’s.

  • Kim Tatarka

    I kinda agree with you, but I do really like 2, 4 and 6.

  • Myamochi

    I think a better method would be to make the six most popular out of all the entries the finalists or at least choose from the top 20 or something

  • Kim Tatarka

    Top 20 would really be much, and if it were a popularity contest, I would be screwed over XD. They really do pick some unique ones every year, and that is what I like about it. Also, I think #3’s colors are like that because it is based off of a sea angel, which have tons of vibrant colors to it, not saying that there were other sea creatures more deserving (Isakytm’s jellyfish Miku would have won my vote).

  • jrharbort

    Difficulty of recreation I feel is often taken into account when they choose finalists. While some looked amazing, they were perhaps too complex.

  • Kim Tatarka

    I agree with you, but I also believe it is how much details you present to them as well. If you show a really good one and prove is can be recreated, it will be picked.

  • Hitokiri_Ace

    Ya.. I was super pumped seeimg all the art… but these idk.

  • Myamochi

    The one I had in mind while typing had less detail then most of the finalists. I’m aware that’s taken into account and I think the finalists are okay but I still can’t help but feel they’re overall weaker than other entries.

  • Myamochi

    I saw other designs with the same color combination but looked less muddy. I think it’s just the shades used in this particular one.

  • Tagtagger

    I really like 5. A bit different than the usual japanese style but why not.

  • Kim Tatarka

    Yeah… And I actually really do not like 5 that much. 5 is kinda… well it looks boring to me. I get that 2015 was majority in white, but it still had some pops of color that worked. Here, it just lacks a personality. That is something I would be disappointed by. It looks elegant though, so it isn’t the absolute worst.

  • Infinity

    I really, really don’t 1 to win, but I have a feeling it might. I mean, it looks similar to Snow Miku 2013 (Which is my favorite design) but still…

    I voted for 6. I’d kill to see how beautiful the design would look in Future Tone.