May 082017

An official livestream event has been announced by Good Smile Company where we can expect to hear further news about Snow Miku 2018, Racing Miku 2017, new figure announcements, and Magical Mirai 2017! The big highlight of the stream is the community voting for the next Snow Miku design!

Snow Miku 2018 design submissions will close on May 12th JST, from which Good Smile Company will choose several finalist designs. Tune into the live stream event below on May 24th at 7:00 PM JST, and watch for the moment for when it’s time to cast your votes! You can also timeshift to watch the stream later, but you will not be able to vote unless you watch live!

You can submit your own Snow Miku 2018 designs and check submissions from our English guide:

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  • Kim Tatarka

    When do you know you are a finalist?

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  • jrharbort

    From the livestream announcements.

  • Kim Tatarka

    Oh my god… So, there is no pre-email, nothing, just wait for the video?! (I entered and I have some sort of chance here…)

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    I gave up on Snow Miku lol… I had no ideas or motivation for any contests this year. I might try next year but I doubt I will. Eh, someday.

  • jrharbort

    That is correct.

  • Kim Tatarka

    Well, at least there is a voting website after the stream as well, right?

  • jrharbort

    Like we said in the article, voting can only be done during the live stream.

  • Vegeta Prince

    Um. Where will the Livestream be at? I plan on voting

  • Kim Tatarka

    I know that, but there was also a website for people to vote in 2017. I was just asking.

  • Slava Rits

    Loking my works please!

  • jrharbort

    There hasn’t been any web voting event in the past for a Snow Miku design.