Mar 152013


On March 7th, Project Diva F for the PS3 was launched within Japan. So how well did the game do in its first week of sales? You can say it did well enough with all factors considered, but still a bit below positive projections.

Looking at the sales reports on dengeki, we can see that Project Diva F on the PlayStation 3 managed to take the #1 spot in game sales in its first week with 117,000 units, beating out the 109,000 units of “Soul Sacrifice” for the PlayStation Vita that launched on the same day.

These are fairly modest sales numbers for a new launch during a slow release week, and actually puts the sales below the 154,000 units of Project Diva ƒ for the PS Vita in its first week on the market. Despite the fact that there are far more PS3 owners than Vita owners by comparison, PjD F still sold far less units. It is quite possible that the sales of the Vita version have cannibalized the PS3 version’s sales.

The estimates do not include sales of the Capital Letter DLC pack (costing a whopping 3000 yen) for PjD ƒ on Vita, which was designed to upgrade the game to include all the new content offered on its PS3 counterpart. So without a more in-depth analysis of the sales figures, it’s starting to look like Project Diva F may be off to a shaky start.

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  • Arufonsu

    I wish they would release an English version. It is already available here in our country, but despite that fact I can’t put myself to buy it because I can’t understand Japanese (the menus, etc.) .But I would still love to play it in PS3! :))

  • @Arufonsu: The menus are incredibly easy to figure out despite the language barrier. There’s also online guides to help you out, just in-case:

  • airgeneralpong

    I still don’t see why the sales should be a problem, since Project Diva games are just rhythm game after all.
    For action gamer like me, if I were not a Miku fan, I would think a rhythm game which has plain gameplay system like this don’t even deserve to achieve any sale ranking at all.
    So getting #1 ranking like what mentioned in the news is already more than enough.
    I don’t see why we should disappoint about it.

  • @airgeneralpong: Once you take a look at the sales numbers of past Project Diva games, the reason for concern becomes quite clear. I also suggest you give this a read:

  • Ryo

    I went to Daba de thanks on March 7th and Shimoda Asami did mention that she asked sega what F ment, and they told her indeed, it does mean ‘Final’.
    I wonder if Sega is slowly withdrawing from Miku’s franchise.

  • @Ryo: Odd, many people had always thought that ƒ and Ƒ both meant exactly what the symbol means in musical terms: “Forte”. And in another interview, SEGA said it doesn’t mean anything specific at all.

  • Faux Pas

    Maybe they meant “final” as in “Final Fantasy”, which as we all know, wasn’t the last one. XD

  • sonycea

    some week after sales might increases 🙂

  • GATE

    I think that first week sales have been a slight disappointment compared to PjD f on Vita because most people, that own the Vita version already, would probably prefer the ‘expansion’, that delivers the same content as the PS3 version, over buying the full PS3 version.

    If the PS3 and Vita versions don’t sync (progress and unlocks), then this might have a slight influence on the sales too. PjD f Vita owners might then not want to lose their possibilities in using certain characters with the new songs (not sure if this option is available).

    Comparing PjD f for Ps3 with games with a similar size of player-base and attention (internationally), then I think that sales might be fairly consistent over the next few weeks and then decline until the next PjD release.

    Just sharing my thoughts and opinions ^^

  • Pontianak

    I said this before and I’ll say it again, consoles and their games are taking a hit more and more. This isn’t a Miku problem, this is an industry problem. PC gaming continues to rise, and mobile continues to rise as well. The Wii U sales have been bad, and I saw the specs of the new xbox that had some 5 year old tech in it. I mean really? REALLY REALLY?
    It’s time to wake up, I would really like to see Miku on Steam, I’d love to see her on iPhone and Android. Hey, what about a rhythm produced on the Oculus Rift? That would be friggin sweet and would propel Miku in the forfront of gaming tech.

  • Ryo

    Thats what Shimoda Asami said on the stage, I’m not making this stuff up. She said she asked sega what F ment and she said it means final. Ofcourse its not final, we all know there will be more Miku games, there is no way sega wouldn’t continue popular franchise like Miku.