Aug 242012

The Family Mart advertisement campaign is already taking the internet by storm. It has inspired a fairly large amount of fan illustrations and videos. However, this fanmade parody video earns extra points for doing something out of the ordinary.

The video was created as a 7-Eleven parody, and is both humorous and creepy at the same time. Enjoy the official youtube print below.

Nicovideo version available here.

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  • the “blooper” part is really creepy !! her head unattach !! but that make me laugh !! ;DD

  • Faux Pas

    Yeah, this is kinda creepy. Not the same charm as Family Mart. Still, it’s interesting in it’s own way!

  • Nuglam

    ┬┐What software tool was used to do this? PV’s could achieve spectacular

  • @Nuglam: From what I understand, it was MikuMikuDance.

  • Todd

    Wow that was so damn creepy. But I couldn’t help but laugh.

  • faTWave

    Hahahaha! This is great!