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The Vocaloid community is full of all kinds of artistic talent, as demonstrated by the countless number of music writers, composers and illustrators. But then we have the group of producers who take on the task of combining all of these works, and bringing them to life in a way that’s hard to visualize with a song and illustration alone. These people are the animation producers, and they have what is arguably the hardest task when it comes to content creation in the community.

This Producer of the Week article will focus on BrotherP and his creations. While there are other high profile animation producers like Director Wakamura that excel at the creation of eye popping visuals, BrotherP has an equally impressive talent for creating immersive and emotionally touching stories with his animations.

Many newer members of the Vocaloid community may recognize some of BrotherP’s newer works based around MikuMikuDance, but he didn’t start out as a 3DPV animator. In fact, some of his most popular works were his first 2D animations.

Featured Animations

BrotherP’s first (and second most popular) video production is a 2DPV based on the classic song Hato (white dove). For a while afterwards, BrotherP created some of his first 3DPVs, with modest popularity. Among these are “Kokoro” featuring Kagamine Rin, and “Wonderlast” featuring Megurine Luka.

Moving to the beginning of 2010, BrotherP’s most popular creation was a PV for the song “*Hello, Planet“, a highly popular song composed by Sasakure.UK. The animation mixes 2D illustrations with 3D environments in a very entertaining way. The original nicovideo upload has reached over 750k views.

Official YouTube upload by BrotherP. Nicovideo version available here.[youtube:–AA]

Shortly afterwards, BrotherP released what is arguably the most impressive 3DPV for another highly popular song, “Romeo and Cinderella“, composed by Doriko. The animation does an amazing job at visualizing the story of the song in very high detail. The song itself sets a mature theme, and the PV properly reflects this.

Official YouTube upload by BrotherP. Nicovideo version available here.[youtube:]

Having already mastered the art of amazing visuals for 3DPVs, BrotherP then made the next step of practicing the portrayal of emotion in his animations. For his first entry to a MikuMikuDance Cup competition, MMD Cup 5, he created an animation for the song “Kimiboshi”.

For this video, he tells a story of Miku (playing the role of a girl, not a Vocaloid) being hospitalized due to a sudden and incurable illness. Unable to recover or speak, Miku’s mind and spirit is fighting to finish the song she started for her friend.

Official YouTube upload by BrotherP. Nicovideo version available here.[youtube:]

In mid-2011, BrotherP made a surprise trip to the U.S. to attend the Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles, an event that grew highly popular with Vocaloid fans after the announcement of the Mikunopolis concert.

During the MikuMikuDance panel, he revealed his amazingly colorful (and highly cute) animation for the song “Heart Shooter”.

Official YouTube upload by BrotherP. Nicovideo version available here.[youtube:]

BrotherP was also the animator of choice for Mikuru396’s newest song “:Re“, the highly emotional sequel to the story set by his first vocaloid song “Melody…“. Combining his talents of emotional portrayal and stunning visuals, BrotherP created a PV that continues to brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

Official Nicovideo version. Non-official YouTube reprint available here.

BrotherP’s second entry to a MikuMikuDance Cup competition was at the very recent MMD Cup 10. Featuring the song ODDS&ENDS by Supercell, the PV was a collaborative effort with 9 additional producers (5 for motion animation, 4 for model production). Voting for the MMD Cup 10 is still in progress, but the PV is likely to score very high in the rankings. It is currently in 6th place.

Official Nicovideo version. Non-official YouTube reprint available here.

– End of Featured Animations –

BrotherP has created quite a number of impressive animations over the years, and he is well established as a professional PV producer. Even with as large as this article has become, it still doesn’t do proper justice for highlighting all of his accomplishments. That is why I would highly encourage you to check out this producer’s other works if you enjoyed the videos above.

Official Channel Link

Official Twitter

Other Official Links and Info

BrotherP seems to have gone somewhat inactive on his YouTube account recently, so I’ve sent him a message about it. He may have simply forgotten, as I’ve observed before with other popular producers.

Edit: Yep, he forgot. Here was his response: [Link]

Two other highly notable productions by BrotherP include “The Rondo of Possible World” by Millstones, and Electro Train by nana(sevencolors), which can be enjoyed below. As always, sharing with friends is appreciated, and don’t forget to subscribe to BrotherP’s official channel!

Official Nicovideo version. Non-official YouTube reprint available here.

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  • Samuel

    Thanks a lot for this article, I didn’t knew that some old but so classical Vocaloid PV like Hato and Hello*Planet were the creation of Brother-P.
    And I sure hope his last one will rank high on the MMD cup.

  • @Samuel: These articles are always a learning experience for me as well, as I’m always discovering something new and surprising. For example, I had no idea that BrotherP was the animator behind that Romeo and Cinderella PV. I was a bit shocked, really.

  • Faux Pas

    I am very surprised BrotherP produced Romeo and Cinderella. His other works are fun and innocent!
    I personally am torn with this song. It is a very nice melody but I am very unhappy that Miku is singing about such adult themes. I personally prefer seeing Miku as innocent and cute so these types of songs strike a bad vibe with me.
    Does anyone else feel the same way?

  • @Faux Pas: There’s some people who feel the same, and there’s people who are also indifferent about it (such as myself).

  • Samuel

    @FauxPas I think we all need to accept that Miku is a creative platform and should not be constrained to a specific genre this is what makes her so special and IMO the ultimate diva (all vocaloids are that flexible, but because Miku is the most famous she’s the one with the most heterogeneous musics and genres).
    I’m always delighted when I discover artists like Deinos transforming her in a monster or composers like Kikuo having her sing the most horrible things one could conceive.
    I understand that people may project a specific image on Miku and expect this image to be reflected in her songs. The good news is that there’s so much artists writing for her that you can make hours long playlists matching your specific taste. On the opposite of a human artist producing at most an album per year, Miku do not have to chose a genre or stick to an image to exist. She’s all genre and style simultaneously.

  • Faux Pas

    Excellent points. Generally the eccentric works are kept fan-based, but some songs such as “Romeo and Cinderella” have been adopted by Sega in the PjD games and concerts and thus accepted into what I consider “mainstream Miku” (if there is such a thing, right?) and that is why this song weighs a little heavier with me.
    Of course by no means am I saying that creativity should be suppressed or guided. I’m only expressing my own opinion and preference here. There’s so much music and activity in the Vocaloid world, simply support the genres you love and leave the others for the enjoyment of other fans!

  • Leekay

    You should do JesusP!!!!!!!! Please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Plus I like brotherP