Feb 252013


For those fans who simply cannot get enough of live Hatsune Miku concerts, this next Blu-Ray release will help scratch that itch for seeing the twin-tailed diva in action. Titled “HATSUNE Appearance”, the disk will feature the performances seen at the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Amusement Park, performed using the Appearance Miku model created by Mamama. During the event, the entire park was transformed into a “Hatsune Miku World” with various Vocaloid-themed artworks and attractions.

The disk will include all 5 songs that were played during each performance: Packaged, Chaining Intention, Senbonzakura, Tell Your World, and ZIGG-ZAGG. It will also come in two variants: A standard Blu-ray only release, and a limited edition release that also include an illustration book featuring 24 pages of artwork from Mamama himself (and possibly others). Also mentioned is the inclusion of “special goods”, the description of which is unknown.

81cSpxQqvOLThe sets can be found at online retailers such as CDJapan, Amiami and Amazon Japan, but they appear to be selling out quite quickly, particularly with the limited edition version.

While there is no video of the event in action, there is a short preview of some of the equipment testing at Yokohama before the event began. It was much livelier with a crowd. The clip is available below.


Feb 232013

Yes, it is finally happening.

After what almost seemed like an eternity, Aniplex USA has finally announced the preorder and launch dates for the North American release of one of the most anticipated and exciting Vocaloid concerts in history: Mikunopolis in Los Angeles from the Nokia Theater at Anime Expo 2011.

blu-ray-setThe set will include the CD and Blu-ray of the event, complete with the “Making of” and Danceroid pre-show bonus footage. Subtitles will be available on most songs in both English and Romaji, to help with pronunciation of the lyrics.

Also included is a “double-sided” poster, which hints at the possibility of two different images, although only one side is shown. The dimensions of the poster are also unknown. All of the above contents will come packed inside its own unique digipak and sleeve case packaging for its North American release.

The suggested retail price is set at $74.98, although the preorder sale price is available for only $59.98. This price may or may not change after the product release, which is scheduled for April 16th. Prorders will be available starting on February 25th. Product purchase and additional info can be found here.

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Feb 212013

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Family Mart is already gearing up to prepare for the next seasonal promotion featuring Hatsune Miku. For the first time, the event will exclusively feature a Sakura Miku theme with various products and prizes!

hc0g74000013x9y5From March 5th until April 1st, Family Mart stores will be selling various Sakura Miku themed lunches, snacks and desserts.

Making another return is the highly popular cheesecake and Mikuman meat-stuffed buns (a pun of the original name, “Nikuman”) with the Sakura Miku theme. Also making a return is the bottled vegetable juice, inspired by the song “Popipo“!

Prize giveaways are also part of this promotion, with the biggest items being jackets, Sakura Miku nendoroids, framed images of artworks, and copies of Kaito’s newly released VOCALOID3 software. Spending at least 500 yen on select store products will enter you for a chance to win these, and various other prizes. View the full article on Family Mart’s site, located here.


Feb 212013

Amusing to note how “Real Action Heroes” has yet to feature any real people.

Medicom Toy Co., SEGA and Good Smile Company have partnered up to create a “Real Action Heroes” figure based on Hatsune Miku’s character design from Project Diva ƒ (Vita) and Ƒ (PS3). The Action Heroes series of figures are large (1/6) scale posable figures of high quality and attention to detail. They also include several accessories. You can imagine them as larger Figmas with many design improvements.

The figure shown is a prototype on display at the 2013 Winter Wonfes, and it doesn’t reveal much other than the figure itself. With the figures at 1/6 scale, I can guess that this one will be around 27cm in height. Except for the planned release year of 2013, there is not yet any specific order or release dates. Pricing is also unknown, but will probably end up somewhere around 22,000 JPY, based on prices of other figures in the series.

Images provided by Moeyo (explicit site content warning).


Feb 172013

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This edition of the Producer of the Week review will feature a producer that focuses his music style on electronica. More specifically, the trance genre of music. Due to the constantly shifting attention and interests of the music market, and the huge popularity of Rock and Pop, the electronic side is often overlooked despite having some amazing sounding music. Aura Qualic continues to challenge this shift with his own unique styles. Continue reading »