Apr 282013

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It’s that time of the year again! For the third year in a row, Good Smile Company and Piapro are collaborating on a contest where the Vocaloid community can submit illustrations to be used for the 5th official Snow Miku design. The contest began on April 24th, and will end on May 13th at 4:00 PM JST.

The theme for next year’s Snow Miku has a few rules. The theme this time around is “magic”, so all entries must show Snow Miku with a wand of some kind. Another addition that’s new this time around is the inclusion of a pet. This is a seperate category, meaning there will be two winners this year!

Entries for Snow Miku designs must be submitted to Piapro with the tag “2014年雪ミク衣装”, and the tags must be locked. If you need it, you can use the template design provided here. Entries for pet designs are also submitted to piapro, but must use the tag “2014年雪ミクペット”. Once again, the tags must be locked.

EDIT: Mamitan from Good Smile Company has posted a translated guide here.

Winners of the contest will receive a free Nendoroid of the winning design, along with many Snow Miku goods. You can see all current Snow Miku entries from here, and pet entries from here. The winners will be selected sometime around mid-May.

I can’t wait to see the next winning design!

Apr 262013

You probably saw this figure teased by SEGA and Medicom during the Winter Wonderfes. We got a decent look at the build quality of the figure, and a rough estimate of the size. Pricing and availability was still to be determined. Perhaps a bit earlier than expected, the Real Action Heroes ‘Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F’ figure is now available for preorder.

Thanks to the preorder listing from Amiami, we now have a bit more info. The 1/6 scale figure stands at a taller than expected 29.5cm, and includes a detailed scale replica of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. Also included are different sets of hand pieces for poses, but there doesn’t seem to be any alternate expressions.

The figure is priced at 20,700 Yen ($211 USD) on Amiami. This may seem high, but remember that this is essentially a much larger and highly detailed Figma with accessories. The expected availability is set for January 2014. As a note, I’m pretty sure this is one of the very few official 1/6 scale Miku figures in existence.

Check out some of the images below! Find the full set of images and product listing from Amiami here. I will add additional sources as they become available.

EDIT: An Amazon.co.jp listing has appeared here. A CDJapan listing has also appeared here.


Apr 252013


Needless to say, I think we were all expecting a DVD and Blu-ray release of the Mikupa in Kansai concert event at some point. It looks like those expectations have been answered, as there are now three different sets to choose from this time around. If you’re wondering about the Hong Kong, Taiwan and 2013 Sapporo concerts, those have been acknowledged in this announcement as well!

dvd_mikupaUp first is the DVD set. The entire 3 hour event spans two DVDs and includes all 39 songs. If you preorder from Amazon.co.jp, you can receive the following bonuses:

A special decorative box, a full brochure of the event containing additional images and infomation, and a white carrying pouch decorated with the images of all 6 Cryptonloids.

The DVD set is priced at 5,284 Yen and ships internationally. Please note that DVDs are region locked, and may require special steps to be playable in other regions.

bluray_mikupaUp next is the Blu-ray set, which is similar to the DVD set, but with a few important differences.

The Blu-ray set includes a bonus disk containing special footage from the 2012 Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts, as well as the recent 2013 Mikupa in Sapporo event. The carrying bag for this set is black instead of white.

The Blu-ray set is priced at 6,838 Yen, and ships internationally.

special_bluray_mikupa2The final set is much pricier, but contains a few attractive bonuses that are exclusive to Amazon.co.jp orders. It includes all bonuses found in the Blu-ray set shown above, as well as the following items:

A 50 page album containing special live and behind the scenes images of the event, and a steel-case book containing special illustrations by KEI. The price for this Amazon exclusive set is 11,340 Yen.

All three sets are scheduled to ship out on August 30th, a day before Hatsune Miku’s 6th anniversary. Alternatively, the first two sets can also be ordered from CDJapan (DVD and Blu-ray) and Amiami (DVD and Blu-ray).

If you missed it before, here is a video from the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel containing footage and interviews from the Mikupa in Kansai event:

View the full song list from the concert event here.

Apr 152013

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SEGA appears to have another game project in the works, as a new teaser site has been opened up. Other than for the site url (http://miku.sega.jp/mmr/), the only other info we have for now is the opening date for the website: April 18th.

The teaser page can be found here. And according to SEGA’s twitter post, there will also be an update in the weekly Famitsu magazine. Anyone care to take a guess at what it could be, and what “mmr” could possibly stand for?

Via VO.net and Hatsune Miku Miku blog.

[Updated 4/16/2013] I previously guessed it was a second Project Mirai game for the 3DS, and it looks like the Weekly Famitsu has confirmed this (via TaleTaleSource).

初音ミクProject mirai2(仮題) (Working Title)
発売日/2013年秋発売予定 (Fall 2013 Release)
機種/3DS (System)

リズムゲームは全曲タッチモードとボタンモードがある。収録曲は全てフルサイズで収録される。(The game will be playable in both touch screen and button press modes. All songs used will be full-length)

収録曲 (Music Tracks)
子猫のパヤパヤ(ワンカップP) (“Koneko no Paya Paya” by OneCup-P)
ドレミファロンド(40mP) (“Do Re Mi Fa Rondo” by 40mP)
ゆめゆめ(DECO*27) (“Yume Yume” by Deco*27)

Images by Japan Otaku Channel.


Apr 122013

Earlier today, Mikatan from Good Smile Company published an article teasing additional images of the 2013 Racing Miku Nendoroid. The images show the figure from additional angles, and also reveals that it will include a car and parasol, much like the past Racing Miku Nendoroids. The alternate expression will be the smile seen on the car’s bonnet. Unfortunately, not much else was revealed in the way of other accessories or body parts.

Check out the images below! And if you’re curious about how you can obtain one of these, be sure to read my other article here.

Via Mikatan: [Link]

Racing 1Racing 2Racing 3Racing 4Racing 5placeholder