Jul 242017

Celebrate Hatsune Miku 10th anniversary with these limited cakes from PICTcake! PICTcake has announced the summer design cakes for celebrating the upcoming Hatsune Miku 10th anniversary available in two designs by LEN[A-7], best known as the official illustrator of Magical Mirai 2016. The special cakes are now available for order in Japan, with sizes and prices as follows below.

Additionally, there are also Hatsune Miku cakes from Hatsune Miku 8th anniversary on sale in four designs by Nardack, the official illustrator of Snow Miku 2015: Balloon, Heart, Celebration, and Gifts.

Official site → https://www.pictcake.jp/chara/hatsunemiku

Mini size

  • 2-4 person
  • 3,800 yen + 800 yen shipping fee (tax excluded)

Single size

  • 5-9 person
  • 4,500 yen + 800 yen shipping fee (tax excluded)

Double size

  • 10-16 person
  • 8,000 yen + 1,000 yen shipping fee (tax excluded)