Oct 132008

This song is a cover of the 1995 JPOP classic “WONDER GIRL” by Akiko Hinagata, who was not only a successful JPOP singer but also a gravure idol. The song is pretty catchy once it reaches the chorus and this cover is done pretty well. Enjoy!

For those of you interested in more of Akiko Hinagata you might want to simply read more about her or maybe buy some of her music or even her sexy DVDs.

Sep 252008

While you probably were all already desperately waiting for a new high-quality cosplay to appear, Kirinon Graphica were already busy taking new pictures. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their blog and check out the new image set and a rant about the new rules regulating this years Tokyo Game Show.

It is quite amazing to see what kind of detail Ibara-San has put into her costume. Small details like the “01 Hatsune Miku” tattoo on her arm make this one almost perfect. For those of you who missed Nekoko’s cosplays earlier this year, be sure to check them out aswell.

Sep 062008
[youtube: 463 392]

Two days ago this crossover was released. It features Absorb, Taitson and the Penguins Project. This song was originally a Hatsune Miku original song. If you like what you are hearing give absorb a visit on their myspace.

For those of you who like the style of absorb, be sure to pick up their new CD “Sakura no Ame” which will also feature Hatsune Miku. The CD is dropping on 26th November and is available for preorder at CDJapan. Don’t worry too much about it now, we will of course keep you updated and remind you before it comes out.