Feb 202019

The family amusement park Yomiuri Land will be getting an all-new revamp in collaboration with Hatsune Miku and friends starting from February 23rd. Visitors will be seeing popular rides and attractions throughout the park, such as the Kadokeshi Truck, the Spin Runway, and the Sky River, temporarily under Miku-themed decorations and music.

Speaking of amusement park, we can’t leave out the stamp rally! A collaboration stamp rally will also be held with 39 locations across the park, where even small children can participate in a scaled-down rallies. Completion of the rally, regardless of the rally scale, will net badges and stickers for completing a picture of Miku.

The collaboration also extends to sea park attractions, where a new show featuring sea lions will be performed with top Hatsune Miku’s songs. The animals’ trainers will also be wearing matching costumes for the occasion. Other collaboration details include SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 screening, special menus, and limited-edition merchandises.

Finally, there’s a new art that’s yet to be shown, and it can only be seen at a Miku mat in the park’s bungee jump. The collaboration will held until March 17th.

Hatsune Miku x Yomiuri Park → http://www.yomiuriland.com/event/miku.html

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Feb 062019

For a limited time only, NHK WORLD-JAPAN has released a 49-minute documentary on the collaboration performance between Hatsune Miku and Japan’s traditional drumming ensemble Kodo. The episode will cover performances on the stage the two shared, as part of Tokyo Olympic official program, as well as insights behind the scenes. English subtitles is fully provided.

The documentary will be available for online viewing until March 28th only. Don’t miss out!

Hatsune Miku x KODO → https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2045023/

Dec 262018

We here at MikuFan.com hope everyone had a Merry Miku-ristmas, and a Happy Holidays! We took a little break to relax and visit with family, and we’ll now resume our usual news reporting schedule. Our co-writer @Mercuryw is due back from Europe next week.

In celebration of the recent holiday season, here’s our favorite Christmas-themed Hatsune Miku illustrations from Twitter and Pixiv!

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Oct 182018

New costumes revealed for Hatsune Miku’s upcoming performance at the Tokyo 150 Years Festival coming later this month. The live, titled “Time Play, Time Travel – Hatsune Miku Links Tokyo 150 –“, will be Hatsune Miku’s “biggest” performance to date with 15m tall and 30m wide water screen projection in the park’s tidal pond.

Tokyo 150 Years Festival will be held at the Hama-rikyu Gardens on October 26th~28th. Hatsune Miku’s performance will be held daily at four intervals: 18:30, 19:10, 19:50, and 20:30, each under a time span of 18 minutes. The show will feature a medley of 39 songs with 14 different costumes –  5 of which were revealed today.

Official Site: https://www.tokyo-150.jp/event_main?lang=en

Sep 162018

Goodsmile Racing emerges victorious at 3rd place in Super GT round 6 this weekend at SUGO. Previously the team performed excellently in round 5 despite the heavy weight handicap and fierce competition, and came out at 2nd place. The outstanding performance brought them to 5th place overall in the GT300 class ranking.

With the latest victory at SUGO, the team now moves up to 2nd place overall and is only behind by 6 points. This puts Goodsmile Racing dangerously closer to winning the championship more than ever, not to mention that there are only two more races left to go. The next race will be held at Autopolis on October 20th~21st. Fight, GSR!

Goodsmile Racing → http://www.goodsmileracing.com/