Oct 162013

Vocaloid albums are released at a breakneck pace these days, so picking out specific albums to recommend can be rather difficult. But with a selection covering electronic and pop/rock, I think I’ve got a list of three albums that can make everyone happy.

Dual Sight

Dual Sight was a collaborative effort between Vanguard Sound, a Chinese music production circle, and several other highly popular electronic Vocaloid producers from Japan. The cover art was done by Aka Akasaka, official illustrator of the Vocaloid IA.

The album was originally released in a 7 track version at Comiket 84, followed by a global digital release in September. Recently, the album received an International launch in physical format that includes a bonus 8th track by 8#Prince: The full version of Mysterious featuring the Vocaloid named Luo TianYi.

Amazon MP3
AliExpress (Bonus 8th track included)

Track list:
1. Dual Sight by G.K feat. 初音ミク
2. Offshore by Nhato feat. IA
3. Rebirth by Haloweak feat. 初音ミク
4. Liberator by Taishi feat. IA
5. Confession by G.K, Haloweak feat. 蒼姫ラピス
6. Desperate Parade by rest or stay? feat. IA
7. Gentle Saturation by cnsouka feat. 初音ミク
8. Mysterious by 8#Prince feat. 洛天依 (Physical disk exclusive)

Enjoy the crossfade for this album below, and also be sure to check out the full-length PVs from Vanguard Sound’s official YouTube channel.


The Greatest Idol

Mitchie M is undoubtedly one of the most popular pop producers in the Vocaloid community. His works are known for being dangerously cute and addictive, and others also say incredibly realistic.

Following the announcement of his song Ageage Again as the theme song for the upcoming game Project Mirai 2 for the 3DS, he has also announced his first album release under a major record label.

The album contains 13 songs, and comes in two different flavors: A regular and limited edition release. Both albums include a CD and DVD, but the limited edition version contains three more videos on the DVD, and even a 12″ vinyl LP. The album is scheduled for release on November 6th.

CDJapan (Regular Edition)
CDJapan (Limited Edition)
Amazon JP (Regular Edition)
Amazon JP (Limited Edition)

Track list (some info TBA):

1. FREELY TOMORROW by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク
2. アゲアゲアゲイン by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク
3. 愛Dee by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク, 巡音ルカ
4. ビバハピ by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク
5. Bye Bye Blue Memory by Mitchie M feat. unknown
6. Aizu~会津~ by Mitchie M feat. unknown
7. イージーデンス by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク, 初音ミク Append (Soft)
8. 悲しみは愛情のように by Mitchie M feat. unknown
9. 短気呑気男子 by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク
10. アイドルを咲かせ by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク
11. Believe by Mitchie M feat. unknown
12. シティー・ボーイ by Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク
13. Birthday song for ミク by Mitchie M feat. various

Below is the teaser video for this album. And as before, be sure to follow Mitchie M on his official YouTube channel.


DECO*27 Vocaloid Collection 2008~2012

Even if you’ve only been enjoying Vocaloid for a short while, then chances are you’re already a fan of DECO*27’s works. He has recently released a new song titled “Ai Kotoba II“, which is the second part of the story to the classic Ai Kotoba from 2009.

His newest song will also be included in his newly announced album, which compiles many of his greatest hits from 2008~2012. Like the album by Mitchie M, this album comes in several flavors: A regular edition, a limited edition, and a special edition (Japan only).

The regular edition comes with one disk containing 14 tracks, and a 20 page booklet. The limited edition includes a second CD with an additional 13 tracks, a 40 page photo booklet, and a DVD with nine videos. The special edition, which can only be preordered within Japan, contains numerous bonuses that are detailed on the official site.

CDJapan (Regular Edition)
CDJapan (Limited Edition)
Amazon JP (Regular Edition)
Amazon JP (Limited Edition)

The track list for this album is massive, too large to fit comfortably in this post. So once again refer to the official album site for the full details. The scheduled release date is December 18th. There is currently no crossfade promotional video available for this album, but you can enjoy his newest song “Ai Kotoba II” below.

Jul 112013

Thanks once again to Famitsu, there are more images revealed from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for the PS Vita and PS3. This time we have actual gameplay and PV screenshots from the three songs announced so far: Akatsuki Arrival, Romeo and Cinderella, and Colorful x Melody.

SEGA has also recently launched the official game site, found here. The game is scheduled for a Spring 2014 launch.








Jun 252013

ViViDWAVE_coverAll fans of 8#Prince/HachioujiP should prepare themselves, as his newest album ViViD WAVE is set for launch on July 17th. And from the look of the track list, this will be a must-have on many people’s wish lists.

The normal album will contain 14 tracks, while the limited edition release will include a DVD containing PVs for the songs GAME OVER, Dream Creator, Fake Doll and HORIZON.

The Vocaloids used in this release include GUMI, IA, Miku, Luka, and Kagamine Rin & Len. The track list contains the following songs:

1: Monochrome
3: fake doll
4: take it easy
5: エレクトリック・マジック
6: Dream Creator
9: Little Summer of Love
12: フカヨミ
14: ViViD WAVE

You can find the album up for preorder on sites such as CDJapan (regular edition and limited edition) and Amazon Japan (regular edition and limited edition). Quantities appear to be limited and are running out fairly quickly, especially for the limited edition version.

Since two of the songs included on the DVD have not yet had a public video release, you can likely expect to see them uploaded very soon on HachiojiP’s official YouTube channel. Below is the newest music video for the song HORIZON.

Jun 202013

View previously featured producers here.

This week’s featured producer likely doesn’t need an introduction to many seasoned fans. After producing a few smash-hit and viral songs, his name is now known by many. From one of the most popular Miku trance songs of all time, to the viral smash hit of 2012, this producer is definitely top-tier. This article will feature the history and works of t.Komine, aka Utata-P.

I’ve timed this in accordance with Utata-P’s guest announcement for Anime Expo 2013, which is 2 weeks away from this day. He will be speaking at a panel along with several other highly notable producers, and I’m sure many will be excited to see him there. So let’s get this under way already! Continue reading »

May 172013


After the previous Winter and even Spring Family Mart promotional campaigns featuring Snow Miku and Sakura Miku, it seems that the fans just can’t get enough. With the demand for promotional goods still high, Family Mart will be launching another promotional campaign this summer, starting at a currently unspecified date.

The recent livestream event on nicovideo detailed many of the prizes that can be expected in the lottery of the upcoming promotion. Like the last time, each store will carry 100 tickets and 100 prizes. Tickets will cost 800 yen each. The majority of prizes will be the smaller rewards, such as the Graphigs and clear files. The much rarer prizes include the 2013 Family Mart version Nendoroids of Rin, Len and Miku.

The rarest prize of all is a Family Mart Swimsuit Miku Nendoroid, which will be rewarded to whoever buys the last (100th) ticket from each Family Mart store. So not only will this figure be rarer, but fans will have to camp near stores to be able to snatch it.

Better images and more detailed info will follow soon.

Images borrowed from 初音ミクみく.