Dec 282012

dtuhicgnptro9jc3_20121229020229_0500_0500Those of you who followed news back from the Summer Caravan event may remember this model being used in small live performances. Or if you heard news from the NYCC info panel, you may know that Crypton had plans to make this particular model publicly available.

Well, it’s finally here! Named “Appearance Miku”, the model is freely available from Piapro. You will need a registered piapro account to download it. The file will download as a “.x” filetype, which you will need to manually rename back to “.zip” to extract the model.

The model works in both MikuMikuDance and MikuMikuMoving, and follows Piapro’s new creative commons license.

The model is versatile and also quite cute in appearance. Below is a short demo video.

I imagine that quite a few producers will have fun using this one.

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