Oct 142012

Thanks to the efforts of some live tweeters during the panel, there’s already some new information from the New York Comic Con regarding Kaito and Miku’s upcoming V3 and English voice bank releases.

Two sample songs of Kaito’s English voice bank were shown, and they plan an early 2013 release with both the Japanese and English voice banks.

Hatsune Miku also had a new English demo played. And from what I hear, some people are saying they didn’t like it. I’m unsure if some fans had their expectations too high, or if they opted for yet another non-English speaker to create the demo, the same as they did with the song “Nice Age”.

They plan a Spring 2013 release at the earliest. This is an entire year later than what was originally announced back in 2011, but this is what happens when you make the switch to V3 and start working on 6 Vocaloids at once.

As for the other Cryptonloids, Crypton has said that they have “a desire to create an Append for all Vocaloids eventually”.

They also demonstrated a new custom model of Miku for use in MikuMikuDance, although I’m unsure if this is intended for public release or private company use. It will be based on the same model shown at the summer caravan event.

They also expressed that there are no announced plans for another concert in the U.S., and that overseas performances are quite expensive. Another sponsorship would likely be necessary to make it happen, just as it did before with Toyota and Mikunopolis.

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There are no audio or video feeds available at this time, but I’ll be sure to update this article later when they come up.

EDIT: Here’s a demo of “1/6 Out of Gravity” using Miku’s English voice bank. Remember that’s it’s still beta.

Kaito’s V3 Japanese demo:
Kaito’s V3 English demo:

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