Apr 032012

While it’s certainly no Project Diva or Dreamy Theater, the latest video game announcement from SEGA called MikuFlick is generating a lot of buzz. The iPhone game launched fairly recently in Japan as another rhythm game to add to the growing library of games featruing Hatsune Miku. SEGA then surprised fans everywhere with the announcement that the game would be translated with a “romaji” option and released to the North American market. This marks the first official Vocaloid game with a North American release, with hopefully more to follow!

The game is set to have a launch price of $15, and will include 13 tracks with 3 difficulties along with unlockable goodies. Sorry, the game is only for the iPhone 3GS or newer. There is no word yet on a release for Android. You can read additional details and find the game by clicking the image above, or by clicking here.

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