Oct 092012

It’s been just over 5 years since the release of the classic song “Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru”, and to this day it remains one of the most viewed and iconic songs in the history of Vocaloid. While extremely short, the song was also very catchy. However, I don’t think many of us were expecting a complete remake from the producer himself, Ika.

The PV itself is already under very heavy traffic on Nicovideo, pulling in over 300,000 views in just 2 days. The video, created by MasatakaP, is incredibly bright and almost overwhelming in the amount of effects and transitions used. The wide number of models, characters, and environments used shows that this was certainly quite a time consuming project.

Onto the song itself, this was a complete from scratch remake of the original. The instrumental and vocal work were completely redone. While different, the instrumental keeps true to the feel of the original song. However, I feel the vocals themselves differ far too much from the original piece. It feels like the song itself was made by someone other than Ika (to the point where I thought it was by someone else, thus the late publication).

Despite that small complaint, the song and video are both incredibly fun to watch and listen to. You can find an mp3 of the instrumental as well as the lyrics from piapro here and here. Enjoy the official video below! The producer’s official YouTube channel can be found here: [LINK]

Official video from YouTube. Nicovideo version available here.[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx9m4jpocAc]

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