Feb 062015

Our site partner Tokiko from Tokiko’s Diary Sapporo lives in the heart of Sapporo, and very close to where the yearly Sapporo Winter Festival takes place. Every year she visits the event and shares photos of her experiences on her blog, and it’s a great way to see what the festival is like if you can’t be there.

This year’s 66th Sapporo Winter Festival marks the 6th year where Snow Miku has been one of the adopted mascots of the event, and attracts many visitors from around the world. Like her usual blog posts, Tokiko shares her stories by using her Hatsune Miku nendoroids as the main focus characters.

Below are a few photos taken by Tokiko at the event, but be sure to follow her blog daily throughout the duration of the event to see more updates. Alternatively, you can also follow the #雪ミク hashtag on twitter for more photos and videos from fans. We have included a video below of the Snow Miku sculpture’s music and light show, from @ClisyutiA on twitter.

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