Nov 152012


It looks like there will be an upcoming event with Miku involving several topics. Details regarding the PS3 version of PjD F, a new Miku x Family Mart campaign, and even a special lottery(?) for a Christmas Miku nendoroid are mentioned. A teaser website has been opened up [Link] with the reveal date marked for November 22nd. There will also be a livestream of the announcement at 8:00 PM, November 22nd Japan Standard Time.

Stream Link:

If you cannot watch the stream live, then you can make use of the timeshift button (the gold button with the clock on it) to watch it at a later time. Below is a clock to monitor Japan Standard Time.

This looks like it will be a very interesting announcement. I, for one, hope that the lottery/event will be open to international participants.

Info via Nendonesia and GSC.

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