Mar 152016


Batteries in phones these days just don’t seem to last as long as they used to, so portable battery packs have become common place for many people who use their smartphones frequently. But what about for the avid Hatsune Miku fan? Cheero has announced an official collaboration battery pack that will likely fit your style.

The “Cheero Energy Plus Hatsune Miku Version” power bank comes with a modest 4400mAh capacity in a 105×64×12mm size, making it small enough for easy travel, and pack enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6 about 1.5 times. While it’s not the first official Hatsune Miku battery pack (that title goes to Racing Miku 2014), it’s definitely one of the easier ones to get your hands on.

The adorably cute and colorful art design comes from the popular artist Murakami Yuichi, and it’s certainly an eye catcher! The itty bitty Miku yelling “Help!” near the power pack’s charge port is a cute touch. Remember to keep your Miku charged~.

The power bank will be going on sale on Amazon Japan for a respectable price of 2900 Yen (tax included), and will launch on March 23rd. Amazon Japan likely wont sell the product directly overseas, but that’s not a problem that Buyee can’t solve. Check out the full gallery and product specs on Cheero’s site!

Via nlab itmedia