Nov 292015

Eager Hatsune Miku music game fans will be happy with today’s news: SEGA has just announced Japan’s release date of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (Vita version) for March 24th, 2016! Along with the announcement comes other exciting updates. The first is a complete revamp of the official game site, with an all new look and recap of all information released to date.

Japan’s game price will be 7,549 Yen after tax for both the physical and digital download versions. However, preorders of the physical version (available soon) will come with a limited “Project Diva X” Aime game card featuring artwork by KEI, which can be used with Project Diva Arcade! The exact date of the PS4 version is pending, but is still scheduled for Fall 2016. Plans for a Western release have not yet been announced.

Next up is the accessory kit, which features a Miku-themed shoulder pouch (12×22×4cm) to carry your console, or anything else you might find it handy for. There’s also a cleaning cloth (24×17cm) featuring artwork by KEI. The kit is priced at 3,480 yen (tax excluded), and will be launched alongside the game on March 24th!

> Preorder Project Diva X on CDJapan!
> Preorder the accessory kit on Amiami!

Check out the new official promo video below! If the YouTube version is blocked in your region (blame YouTube Red, hopefully these problems will be solved later), then please watch the Nicovideo version below it.