Aug 102016


Unique and stylistic silver jewelry with a Hatsune Miku theme? Artemis Kings, a Japanese jewelry maker, has made just that in a recent collaboration to create a set of themed rings and pendants. The metal of each piece is made using high quality 925 sterling silver, and epoxy resin for color. They go on sale on Rakuten’s global shop later today, although individual country availability is unknown at this time.

EDIT: Artemis Rings responded to our inquiry and informed us the rings are for sale only in Japan. Friends or proxies will be needed for these.

The hair pin motif ring is the first item in the collab, inspired by the design of Hatsune Miku’s hairbands, with a small cubic zirconia gem and epoxy resin paint. It comes in sizes 7~29 (Japan sizes, odd numbers only), and is priced at 12,960 Yen ($128 USD).

The second ring is the college-style ring featuring a large turquoise gem made of cubic zirconia. It comes in the same sizes as the last ring (7~29 Japan sizes, odd numbers only), and is priced at 16,200 Yen ($160 USD).

The first pendant of the collab is a medal-style necklace with blue epoxy resin, with chain lengths of 45, 60 and 70cm. It’s priced at 12,960 Yen ($128 USD). The last pendant is a 2-ring style necklace with a cubic zirconia stone and epoxy resin paint, and a chain in 45, 50 and 60cm length options. It’s priced at 14,040 Yen ($139 USD).

Availability of these items is unknown, so take care in deciding if you want to add these unique silver accessories to your collection! Here’s a useful ring size conversion chart for those unfamiliar with Japanese sizes: