Apr 132016

Hatsune Miku Expo’s 2016 tour across Japan finally ended last night with the final performance at Zepp Tokyo. The North America tour follows soon with the first event taking place in Seattle, Washington on April 23rd! But if you can’t wait and would like a peak at what’s to come at a nearby city, an official live performance of “Blue Star” featuring Hatsune Miku is now available from the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel.

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so! Our staff will be visiting 3 of the 10 announced cities for North America, and we may be handing out some goods during the tour! We’ll be visiting the following locations: Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. We’ll also be doing something special in Illinois just before the Chicago concert, so stay tuned for announcements.

Feb 152016

The full Miku Expo 2016 theme song and music video “Blue Star” has made its debut on YouTube! The music was composed by HachiojiP, with illustration and video work by Mochidzuki Kei and Okiku, respectively. Check out the full music video below!

True to its title, the song features a bright electropop tone with plenty of stars and twinkling effects. “Blue Star” easily takes the title of cutest sounding Miku Expo theme song to date.

Today also marks the end of the MIKU EXPO Let’s Go campaign, which hit 387% of its funding goal (so close to 390%!). The rewards from that campaign will be sent out on March 9th!