Jul 042016

Goodsmile Racing has released a full gallery for the Figma Racing Miku 2016, and shows the figure in various poses equipped with her umbrella and flag accessories. Starting from June 16th, the Figma sponsorship 3rd round courses are currently accepting.

The courses will retain the same benefits from the previous rounds, and will close on November 30th. For the third round sponsorship, the figure is scheduled for release sometime in December this year.  More details regarding the Figma sponsorship courses.

In related news, the Nendoroid Racing Miku 2016 sponsorship 3rd round courses are also currently open. Similarly, the courses will close on November 30th, with release date set in December. More details regarding the Nendoroid sponsorship courses.

Sponsorship Course Page: http://gsr-global.ecq.sc/