Mar 092018

Happy Miku Day, 2018! It’s once again March 9th, meaning it’s that special time of year where Hatsune Miku fans show their appreciation for the digital angel. On top of various illustrations, there’s also new music videos special for the occasion (more on that later!), and major news releases. Here’s what happened on this day so far!

The long-awaited Gatebox virtual assistant system released today! You can find many retweeted videos from new happy owners on the official Gatebox twitter →

The last tidbit of news we were waiting for was the price of Hatsune Miku VR, and today’s steam release finally answered that. For the Miku Day launch, it’s on promo for just $19.99 instead of the regular $21.99 price. Go check it out on Steam! →

We always knew that Kanzaki Hiro, aka HSP, would be the one to compose GSR’s theme song for 2018 after he was selected to be the main visual artist. After all, he’s also a talented musician! Check out the theme song below, titled “Rennfahrer”!

Two popular Hatsune Miku illustrators, Agonasubi and MayoRiyo, partnered to create “Mayonasubi“, and announced another “Hand in Hand” fan illustration project for Miku Day, this time with the theme of Sakura Miku! The project finally concluded with the video below, joining the hands of Sakura Mikus created by many illustrators. The music is a Remix of kz’s “Hand in Hand“, composed by Keisei!

Finally, here’s some of our favorite highlight illustrations for Miku Day from Pixiv and Twitter!