Jun 262019

Japanese PC and electronics retailer TSUKUMO has just unveiled their latest collaboration: Hatsune Miku styled laptop computers from Acer and Dell! These laptops are available for limited preorder within Japan starting today, and will ship on July 12th.

These laptops clock in at 14″ for the Acer, and 13.3″ for the Dell, and are designed for long-lasting and ultraportable use (powerhouse users beware!). Each one comes with it’s own unique color themes and/or decorations to the shell, and even the touchpads! The Acer is listed at 127,440 Yen ($1,185 USD) after taxes, while the Dell is available for 116,640 JPY ($1,084 USD) after taxes.

The Acer SF314-56-A58U/MIKU adopts a full turquoise colored body, and Hatsune Miku silhouettes on the backside of the screen, as well as the touchpad. The main visual art for Acer×HATSUNE MIKU was drawn by Agonasubi! The theme is ‘activeness’, and features Miku in athletic-wear. Agonasubi notably illustrated the art for the hugely popular Hatsune Miku song TODAY THE FUTURE.

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Display 14″、1080p、IPS
CPU: Intel Core i5-8265U @ 3.9GHz
Memory: 8GB DDR4 SDRAM
Storage: 256GB SSD (NVMe、PCIe)
Network: IEEE802.11 ac/a/b/g/n (2×2 MU-MIMO, bluetooth 5.0)
Battery: About 12 hours
Weight: 1.45KG
Size: 17.95×228×323mm
Product Page: https://shop.tsukumo.co.jp/features/mikupc_acer

The Dell Inspiron 13 5370 Miku ver. has its shell laser engraved with a beautiful artwork by LEN[A-7], and the box it comes in also features the main visual art for the Dell×HATSUNE MIKU collaboration! This one shows Miku towering over the TSUKUMO store in Akihabara, and is wearing the TSUKUMO store clerk apron. LEN[A-7] was the illustrator and designer for the Magical Mirai 2016 main visual art, as well as the GATEBOX×HATSUNE MIKU collaboration!

This laptop is also offered in two colors: Silver and Pink Champagne!

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Display 13.3″、1080p、IPS
CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U @ 3.4GHz
Memory: 8GB DDR4 SDRAM
Storage: 256GB SSD (PCIe)
Network: IEEE802.11 ac/a/b/g/n (bluetooth 4.2)
Battery: About 8.5 hours
Weight: 1.40KG
Size: 323.9×219.9×15.8mm
Product Page: https://shop.tsukumo.co.jp/features/mikupc_dell

Via Tsukumo