Jul 042019

Hatsune Miku has been announced as a guest in the upcoming and biggest VR live event yet, “V-Sama!”, on the VARK virtual concert platform. Miku, together with the other 14 virtual idols, will be performing live on August 24th~25th, featuring YuNi and Mirai Akari as the MCs for Day 1 & 2, respectively.

Ticket sales are available now until August 4th at 23:59 JST. Currently, VARK application only supports Japanese and runs on Oculus Go/Oculus Quest only, but the live performances will also be available via livestream on Nicovideo. Each tickets for VARK performances is priced at 5,480 yen, or 19,9600 yen for a full performance pass, where tickets for Nicovideo livestream are priced at 4,500 yen each and 16,000 yen for a full performance pass.

In addition to the live performances, there’ll also be unique interactions among the 15 virtual stars. More details on the event, specifically on the campaign, artists, goods, and more, will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

V-Sama! in VARK DAY 1 (MC YuNi)
NIGHT PERFORMANCE: SUNTORY NOMUHiguchi KaedeShinonome Megu / Hatsune Miku

V-Sama! in VARK DAY 2 (MC Mirai Akari)
DAY PERFORMANCE: MaRiNaSu (β) / TOKINO SORA / Super Sonico / Hatsune Miku
NIGHT PERFORMANCE: Pinky Pop Hepburn / Fuji Aoi / Hatsune Miku + 1 Other(TBA)

V-Sama Official Website: https://vark.co.jp/event/virtual-summer-fest-2019/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/VarkOfficial/
Oculus Store: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/2335368893156482/
V-Sama via Nicolive: https://secure.live.nicovideo.jp/event/vsama

*Past VARK live event by YuNi “YuNi 1st VR LIVE! 〜VeRy Merry X’mas〜