Sep 062017

We have several new Hatsune Miku goods announcement coming from the 49th Prize Fair in Japan today. The event was held in four cities around Japan with the main site being Tokyo, and features upcoming prize merchandises to be released in January~March 2018.

If you happen to be in Japan during January~March 2018, try your hand at winning them at the local arcades! Alternatively, you may also find them for resale online on Mandarake.

Hatsune Miku SPM Figure “Hatsune Miku – Pierreta” (January)

Hatsune Miku Jumbo plushie “CA Hatsune Miku” (March)

Hatsune Miku series acrylic keychain feat. CHANxCO (February)

Hatsune Miku series pass case feat. CHANxCO (January)

Hatsune Miku series applique pouch feat. CHANxCO (January)

Hatsune Miku series muffler towel feat. CHANxCO (February)

Via Hobby Dengeki