May 172016


According to news via hokanko-alt and Gematsu, the latest Weekly Famitsu has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone will take place in Japan on June 23rd via the PlayStation network.

The main application needed to launch the game, “Prelude”, will be available for free download. However, adding playable songs and modules will require purchasing one (or both) of the following music packs for 4,212 Yen each: “Future Sound” with 120 songs and a focus on Project Diva and Project Diva F series music selection, and “Colorful Tone” with 100 songs and a focus on Project Mirai and Project Diva Arcade music selection. Combined, the two packs also have 340 modules (costumes). More details in our past article.

This means for 8424 Yen ($78), you get practically the entire Project Diva Arcade Future Tone music selection with enhanced visuals over the arcade counterpart. Not bad at all! Preorders start this month, and early bird buyers will be entitled to two PS4 themes as a bonus. Keep in mind the game is available only via the Japanese PlayStation network!

Apr 292016


Well, that didn’t take long! Just a couple days after SEGA’s announcement of the Japanese version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD (PS4) being pushed forward in launch to August 25th, SEGA of America has announced the North American versions will also be pushed forward with a new launch date of August 30th, 2016!

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions for the West will launch at the same time, and also with the same name of “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X” for both versions (dropping the “HD” moniker from the Japanese PS4 version). And just like the Japanese version, the Western release will be issued a free update to support PlayStation VR in Live Edit Mode after it has launched.

The game will retail for $39.99 (CA $54.99) for the PS Vita version, and $49.99 (CA $64.99) for the PlayStation 4 version. They’re now available for preorder from various game retailers! SEGA is also bundling a preorder bonus of a free fabric pouch decorated with the 5 aura symbols from the game!

A new trailer featuring footage from the PlayStation 4 version is now available, showing off even more game details than the previous Japanese trailer. Check it out below! There is no information on a European release at this time.

Apr 182016


The newest release in the trio of announced Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Co-de figures is the Raspberrism ver., which comes from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X to accompany the song Raspberry Monster. She’s definitely one of the “louder” Hatsune Miku figure designs in terms of deviation from her “default” outfit and look.

The Raspberry Monster that travels freely through cyberspace!

From the SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project’s ‘Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X’ comes a Nendoroid Co-de of the conspicuous ‘Raspberryism’ module!

The rich colors of the module that give her the energetic appearance she is known for have been faithfully included in the design, creating a Miku who is rather different to the one we normally see. A unique design for fans to add to their Co-de collection!

The good news is that since all three Hatsune Miku Co-de nendoroids were announced in such a short time span of each other (the others being Ha2ne and Bless You), it’s possible to pick up all three together in the same order. The Raspberrisim ver. nendoroid is priced at 3,000 Yen ($28 USD), and has an expected shipping period of August 2016. Preorders will remain open until May 18th at 9:00 PM JST.

Good Smile Company online shop orders will include an exclusive pin badge, for those who enjoy extras for collection. You can also find her available from these other online shops for less, but without the preorder bonuses.

> Get her on CDJapan!
> Get her on Amiami!
> Get her on Hobby Search!
> Get her on Tokyo Otaku Mode!

If you’d like to see a full photo review, you can check out some closeups on Kahotan’s blog!

Apr 132016


While European Project Diva fans eagerly await announcements regarding an official release for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X in their region, Rice Digital has conveniently opened preorders for the game to help with purchasing the North American version. This bypasses the need for importing and customs duties, which is definitely a plus.

So if you don’t mind the slight hassles of regional differences, the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 versions of the game can be preordered for $44.99 and $59.99, respectively. Both games are set to launch in North America sometime in Fall 2016.

> Preorder Vita Version on Rice Digital
> Preorder PS4 Version on Rice Digital

Interestingly, preorders for the North American release within North America have yet to open up anywhere.

Apr 062016


The next Hatsune Miku nendoroid joining Good Smile Company’s “Co-de” figure line is Hatsune Miku: Breath With You (Bless You) ver., featuring admittedly one of our favorite module designs from the rhythm game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd! She was the second in a trio (but now quadruplet) of Hatsune Miku Co-de figures, with the Ha2ne Miku ver. announced just a couple weeks ago.

A blessing for you!

From the SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project’s ‘Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd’ comes a Nendoroid Co-de of the popular ‘Breathe With You’ module! The stylish red, white and black design has been converted into Nendoroid size keeping the unique look with plenty of frills to keep Miku looking as adorable as ever! Her hair accessory and cute expression are also not to be missed! ♪

Preorders are available now from Good Smile Company’s online shop for 3,000 Yen ($28), with an exclusive pin badge bonus featuring the Bless You module design. Preorders will remain open until May 11th at 9:00 PM JST, and the release is scheduled for August 2016. She’s also available from these other shops!

> Get her on CDJapan!
> Get her on Amiami!
> Get her on Hobby Search!
> Get her on Tokyo Otaku Mode!

Don’t forget to check out the photo review on Kahotan’s blog! Not only do we have the Raspberryism ver. Co-de to look forward to, but a new Sweet Pumpkin ver. Co-de was also teased!

MikuFan note: It is hinted that this particular Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Co-de will have two different box versions, due to the different module names for the Japanese and overseas versions of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd. It is likely that orders from GSC’s global shop will ship with the “Breathe With You” name, while orders from other shops will retain the “Bless You” name. The same thing happened before with Mega Man and Rock Man. Take this into consideration if you have a particular name preference, or if you want both!