Aug 232015

pjdfX_teaseA new announcement from SEGA has revealed a new teaser website for what is presumed to be the next Hatsune Miku Project game title. The news comes via tweets from SEGA and other major game news sources.

Teaser page:

The page itself shows the numbers “3939.00 / 3939”, with the “3939.00” being shown larger than the rest (the number 39 is often used as a pun reference towards Hatsune Miku). The page coding reveals that it’s a timer that will start ticking down once 3939 minutes are remaining until Hatsune Miku’s birthday on August 31st (JST). Additionally, the page title shows the letter “X” capitalized for the word “neXt”. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on August 31st (JST)!