May 202018

Goodsmile Racing finishes at 8th place in Super GT round 3 this weekend at the Suzuka circuit. The team started off at 3rd place in the beginning of the race, and rose to the 2nd before the last few laps. It was all in that very few instances that we were overtaken, and everything happened in a flash. Despite the result, the team says it turns out to be a very interesting race for the team.

The next round will take place abroad in Thailand at Chang International Circuit on June 31st~July 1st. Below is the Round 3 cheer illustration by Kanzaki Hiro, the official Racing Miku 2018 illustrator. Fight, GSR!

Apr 082018

Round 1 cheer illustration by Kanzaki Hiro

Perhaps not the best start to the SuperGT racing season, but Goodsmile Racing definitely isn’t going out without a fight! After placing 15th in the qualifying race on April 7th, GSR was faced with some pretty difficult odds for the Round 1 race at Okayama.

Despite the setback, they managed to pull ahead 7 positions, ending the race in 8th place and gaining 3 points. The next race of the season will be in Fuji on May 3rd~4th. Fight, GSR!

Photos via GSR Blog and @reporter_e

Oct 082017

We’re now approaching near the end of the season with the conclusion of the round 7th at Chang international circuit this weekend, plus a refreshing result for the team to boot; Goodsmile Racing places 2nd in the race, and currently takes the lead in 2017 series point ranking.

In early April this year, Goodsmile Racing won the first race of the 2017 Super GT series (and in fact we wrote about about it). It was the team’s first victory of the season since 2014, and served as a very good start of the season. Many fans held hope to see the team wins their 3rd championship since 2011 and 2014.

Perhaps winning the 3rd championship isn’t a distance goal now?

The next and the final round will soon take place at Twin Ring Motegi in Motegi, Japan on November 11th~12th. Fight, GSR!