Feb 042016

Sega has released the next information update for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X! The information this time mainly focuses on the character interactions and friendship level in Home, also known as the new title for DIVA Room in the previous titles.

Friendship level is determined by the player’s interactions in game with the characters. An increase in friendship level can give the players small advantages in quests or eventually unlock new quest(s).

Raising the friendship level can be done with gifts or completing the special gift event, which triggers a dialogue giving away hints for a specific item. Succeeding in giving the correct item will greatly increase the friendship level.

Interactions with the characters can also unlock quests, Event Quest(s), and character-specific Event Quests when a certain condition has been met. Furthermore, the modules’ elements also affect the characters’ dialogues and interactions. For an example, a COOL element module will give a cooler expression.

Below are the lists of the newly announced songs, medley, and modules for the game.

New Songs

New Modules

  • Layered Envy by SHIN-ICHI SATAKE (COOL)
  • Hikyou Blue, Hikyou Red, Hikyou Green, Hikyou Orange, Hikyou Yellow, Nazo no Onna Kanbu by Tamotsu Shinohara (CHAOS)
  • Twinkle Star, Lyrical Star, Radical Star, Fresh Star, Splash Star, Passion Star by Tama (CUTE)