Dec 232016

Racing Miku 2017 Ver. by Tony Taka

The Racing Miku 2017 key visual has been revealed today at Goodsmile Racing’s year-end party, and features a fantastic design by the talented artist Tony Taka! The wrapped machine featuring the design will be making her appearance on February 19th next year at Wonder Festival. Stay tuned!

About Tony Taka:

Tony Taka is an illustrator and character designer from Japan who debut in 1998, with over 130 of his characters been made into figures and total sales over 800,000. He’s also well-known for being the character designer of Sega’s RPG series “Shining” since 2004. Some may recognizes his style from the Hatsune Miku: Tony ver. figure which was released in March 2011.

Key visual is now on the official website! →

Fight, GSR!