Feb 182016


Sega has released new details regarding Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X today, with the main focus on AR mode, new features in Home, and new songs and medley. Home in Project DIVA X has came to develop a number of fascinating interaction systems with the characters.


Just like the photo mode in the previous titles, Portrait allows players on PlayStation Vita to take photos of Miku and friends with PlayStation Vita’s built-in camera. New poses have been added to the collection for more diversity in AR photography experience.

Event Collection & Visual Library:

The newly announced feature today for Home “Event Collection” allows the players to revisit many exciting experiences occurred during the gameplay, such as when you received a gift, enjoying Magic show together with Miku, band session, etc.

Also announced is the “Visual Library” feature, which contains many fantastic visuals for each songs unlocked during the gameplay. Both features are located under the “Album” section in Home.

New Songs:

New Modules: