Oct 062012

This week’s channel promotion goes back to one of the very first Vocaloid producers to appear on the scene, becoming popular within the first month of Hatsune Miku’s release. OSTER Project is definitely an important producer in the Vocaloid community.

OSTER Project’s first success can be dated all the way back to September 13th, just two weeks after the debut of Miku’s software. The song, titled “Koisuru VOC@LOID“, was one of the first major hits on nicovideo that helped lead to the explosion of Miku’s online popularity. She was extremely surprised, yet pleased with the success of the song, as she talked about in a rather cute online interview.

Just a few months later, she released yet another instant classic titled “Miracle Paint“. This cute and catchy song with a “stage show” type musical style was extremely popular and well received. It has been featured as a playable track in Project Diva, and received a few very impressive MikuMikuDance remakes.

The last notable track I would like to mention is Trick and Treat, featuring Kagamine Rin and Len. Released on the Halloween of 2008, this eerily addictive song is easily among one of the most popular pieces using the twins. It has even been featured as a live piece in the recent Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts.

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Quite a lot of time has passed since then, and OSTER Project has accomplished many other feats in the community. Far more than I could mention in a single article. OSTER didn’t start using YouTube until just a few months ago, and her audience is rather low to her channel being relatively unknown. As always, if you enjoy this producer’s work and would like to help her audience grow, please share this article to spread the news of the producer’s official channel.

Below is the latest video from her channel featuring the song “Summer Idol”, which has also been used as a playable song in Project Diva ƒ. Enjoy!

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