Nov 092012

Welcome to the cute side of the Vocaloid fandom.

This week’s Producer of the Week is focused around one of my personal favorites, in light of recent events. His music is so well known, you’ve very likely heard one of his songs, even if you don’t know his name.

Daniwell is a producer who centers his style around what could best be described as “adorably cute”. While the instrumental style from track to track may change somewhat, the one thing that remains almost the same is his vocal tuning style. The way Daniwell uses Miku’s voice is very unique. He has Miku tuned far higher than most producers, but the way he does it makes it sound less strained or forced, and more natural. The result is being able to hear a random song and say “Yep, that’s Daniwell”.

Daniwell’s first notable musical success with Vocaloid can be traced back to the song “Hatsune Miku Remembers 10,000 digits of Pi“. His ability to make Miku sing nothing but numbers while still remaining entertaining was certainly interesting. Then there’s various other fun tracks such as Kotobatoraborato, Error Propagation Plus and Chaotic Universe (which used 60 different producers!).

However, Daniwell’s biggest and most notable creation is the song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!“. Released in July 2010, This seemingly simplistic song sparked a meme that caused an explosion of content on nicovideo and youtube alike. Various remakes, PVs and parodies were produced. The most popular fan creation based on this song is one I’m sure everyone knows: Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cat, released 10 months after the original song release, used a remake of the song that used the UTAU named “Momo Momone” for the vocals. The massive popularity and attention of the video helped fuel Miku’s and Daniwell’s own popularity. Upon hitting the 50 million view mark, it inspired Daniwell to release his own album titled “Nyan Cat” back in February 2012.

So, where can you follow Daniwell’s music releases and updates? Right here:

Official Channel Link

Official Facebook Page

Other Official Links

Daniwell’s music is something that always puts a smile on my face and keeps me coming back for more. You will also notice that a lot of his music centers around the theme of cats. His reason for this? He simply says “I love cats”. If you enjoy this producer’s work, sharing this article is greatly appreciated.

And with that, please enjoy the official PV by Daniwell for his song “Cute Cute Cat”.

Official “flash game” version found here:

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