Feb 272014

The long awaited results for the Mikubook “Find Me” campaign are here, and the first selected city for the first ever Hatsune Miku Expo, by popular vote, is Jakarta, Indonesia! Congratulations!

The event promises to bring famous creations, exhibitors, and also a live concert event. Here is the announced schedule and location information, with more info promised later:

Date: Wednesday May 28th, and Thursday May 29th, 2014
Venue: Jakarta Convention Center Cendrawasih Room

Exhibition: May 28th-29th Time: TBA

Concerts: May 28th : Open: 18:30~ Start: 19:30
: May 29th : Open: 12:00~ Start: 13:00
: May 29th : Open: 18:30~ Start: 19:30

The official Hatsune Miku Facebook page also announced an official “Miku Expo in Indonesia” Facebook page, which will post news updates for Indonesian fans.

If you would like to see an official event in YOUR area, make sure to cast your vote at http://www.mikubook.com/findme! It appears that at least two more places will be announced in the future. Below is the official announcement video.


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  • Samuel

    ‘It appears that at least two more places will be announced in the future’
    Interesting, where did you get that John ?

  • @Samuel: Just look at their website: http://mikuexpo.com/

  • Samuel

    Humm, oh yes why not. I though it was to be used for other details regarding the event in Indonesia.
    But your hypothesis has some ground given the layout and title of the website.

  • Faux Pas

    An entire expo just for Miku? We HAVE to get her to come back to America! That would be an unbelievable experience!

  • emma

    Omigod!!! FINALLY!! Miku has hear her fans in indonesiaaaa!!
    I reallllly can’t wait!!! GLOB!

  • how much is the price for the ticket in jakarta

  • @ditojakartaindonesia: That detail hasn’t been mentioned yet, but ticket prices for most concerts has typically been around $80 USD, or 928720 Rupiah.

  • semgiri

    the ticket is so expensive D:

  • reza BSD Indonesia

    how much is the price for the ticket in jakarta. for Exhibition?

  • @reza BSD Indonesia: That detail isn’t announced yet, but it would be a good idea to follow the FB page for updates.

  • stevencun

    Hi…! Do you know all the songlist during the live show? Because I know only 3 : Tell Your World, Zenbusakura, Romeo & Cinderella, Melt