Mar 162017

In addition to the new main visual art and teaser commercial, the concert start times and ticket sale dates have also been confirmed for Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2017! Below are the concert time tables, ticket application start times and prices for Japanese and overseas visitors. This year they arranged concert showings for all three days of the event, compared to last year’s 2-day concert run.

Japan Resident Applications

Application Time: March 18th @ 12:00 PM ~ April 3rd @ 11:59 PM
Application Page:
Details Page:
Accomodation Plan (Opens April 24th):
*Concert ticket price includes Exhibition Hall pass (normally 500 Yen)

Overseas Visitor Applications

Application Time: April 22nd @ 12:00 PM JST ~ May 22nd @ 11:59 PM JST
Application Page:
Accomodation Plan (Opens April 24th):
Details Page:
*Concert ticket price includes Exhibition Hall pass (normally 500 Yen)

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  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    I’m so sad I can’t go this year, but I can’t wait for the album!!!!

  • Faux Pas

    Tickets are lottery-based? Hope I manage to get my hands on a couple! Glad they’re updating with this info so soon; I’ve gotta start checking out travel arrangements and such!

  • How many days until that? Can’t wait

  • I am planning to fly over 9,605 km to attend this concert and visit Japan; I sure hope that you (Crypton/Piapro) are allocating enough tickets for International fans so that we’ll have an opportunity to attend the Magical Mirai 2017 concert. This “raffle” system for even the International fans scares me a great deal… Oh well, will have to try, at least.

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    I don’t know, but I think it’ll be months till it’s here

  • Well, I will need some patience ^^

  • Kashantico

    Yeah, indeed. About those Magicial Mirai main tickets ( non VIP / SSseats ) are selling like crazy house in no time to being ‘sold out’ from short period time. Let’s hopefully that you managed to getting on it right before it’s too late.

  • Kashantico, they have promised a number (unknown) of tickets to be held at each concert for “international fans”… It may be 20 tickets or 200. I am unable to purchase tickets now, though, as the “system” recognizes me as outside of Japan. I could not secure a Japanese buyer.

  • Ga ik kopen u een biertje in Tokio op begin september, Kashantico, mijn vriend ???

  • crazyhunter

    Is it worth spending 3k for a concert?

  • Oh no way, Crazyhunter; I have been planning a vacation to Japan for years now, and will be touring the country for 3.5 weeks. I just “happened” to plan the journey to coincide with MM 2017 😉 Yea, it was pure “chance” this happened… lolol

  • Domenic Robl

    I already booked flight and hotel. Would be a shama if there are not enough tickets so i have to stay in front of the building 10.000km away from home 🙁

  • Bryan Lopez

    Sure hope I can score some tickets. Hopefully they held a bunch of oversea visitors.

  • Diego

    Unfortunately i don’t have the economy level for follow the Miku’s concerts, but when she come to mexico the last year, i buy my ticket in the first minute of the first day, i will follow Miku all my life from the bottom of my heart

  • lce korea

    Umm…I am korean high schoo student…so i am planning to go this concert…but i don’t know how to buy a ticket omg…please help me…ughhhhh….

  • Nunya Bidness (Timmy)

    What about the time in est

  • ohlookitsderpy