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A lot of people have just been finding out about Hatsune Miku products that are available worldwide. Yes, they do exist, and yes, they are easy to get! Some of the major online import shops like J-List, CDJapan and Play-Asia carry some of the most common Hatsune Miku items. This page will give you a simple overview of what is currently available and easy to get, no matter where you are located!

Hatsune Miku T-Shirts

You can find plenty of stylish Hatsune Miku T-shirts that can be purchased from just about anywhere in the world! From the popular derivative character “Mikudayo” to the cute and sexy Racing Miku, there’s shirts in all styles to suit your apparel needs. New designs are releasing all the time, so check back often to see if there’s anything that catches your fancy!

Mikudayo T-ShirtRacing Miku Shirt

Hatsune Miku Collectables

Looking for Hatsune Miku figures, tapestries, books and other collectables? You’ll find these and more from CDJapan! If you’ve ever wanted decorate your living space with the twintailed diva, now it’s easy. Just click an image below to see what’s available!

Hatsune Miku Concert DVDs and Blu-rays

As Hatsune Miku continues to rise in popularity, there has been a growing number of live concerts held in Japan, the U.S., Singapore, and many others! While not everyone can make the trip to see these events, you can still enjoy the action in the comfort of your own home! Since 2010, a number of these live performances have been made available on DVD or High-def Blu-ray! Cheer with the crowd as the virtual diva performs on stage with a spectacular display of music and dance.

Hatsune Miku Albums

We clearly cannot forget what makes Hatsune Miku what she is. Her starring attraction, so to speak… The music! There is a vast selection of albums available from many various producers, and in a wide variety of styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Rock, Pop, Electronic, you name it! Take a look at some of our personal favorite picks below, or view a full selection of what’s available here.

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    Where can I buy the T- shirt in Vietnam?

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    I am seriously loving the new funko pop vinyls of Hatsune Miku http://popvinyl.net/pop-vinyl-news/new-j-pop-vocaloid-pop-vinyls/

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    I’ve been buying from CD Japan since I discovered them over a year ago and they have never once disappointed. :)

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    They’ve also helped keep our website going for over the past 6 years. They’re true Miku Bros.

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