Nov 082010

Probably the worst headline so far, but hey here are two good original songs to give you a nice start into the week!

First we have an original song by High Note. Audio only since it did not come with a video.

PS: Everyone is liking the placeholder art – would you like some wallpapers or t-shirts? Leave comments and we’ll make it happen.

Next up is another great original by Cicci, who already did a few previous songs which were just as catchy as his latest work.

If you like what you hear, make sure to follow him on twitter!

Speaking of twitter, is finally on twitter too! Follow us on twitter for video updates and more!

Oct 282010

It seems like French Hatsune Miku fans and Otakus are currently very upset about this.


Thankfully someone added a version with subtitles to youtube, so go check it out and judge for yourself. This is what happens with bad or no research.