May 072019

By popular fan request, we’re happy to announce that our site now has its own official Discord server! There, fellow Miku fans can better enjoy what we, and the rest of the Hatsune Miku fan community has to offer. You can join via the link below!

Join the MikuFanOfficial Discord Server here →

Since the server has just been launched, we’re still building and improving things. We’re also open to further ideas and suggestions if you have any!

Apr 072019

Sad and unfortunate news has broken today that the well-known Vocaloid producer and guitarist wowaka has died at the age of 31. The announcement comes from the official news site for the band Hitorie, for which wowaka was the guitarist and vocalist. He passed away in his sleep from acute heart failure on April 5th.

The recent tour announced by his band Hitorie will be suspended, and information will be provided tomorrow to those that bought tickets on how they can receive a refund. Hitorie staff and band members are still coming to terms with the news, so people are asked to please be patient.

Funeral services will be held in private.

wowaka was well known in the Vocaloid community for popular songs such as Rolling Girl, World’s End Dance Hall, Unhappy Refrain, and more recently, Unknown Mother Goose for Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary. He will be remembered and dearly missed by many, and we wish our deepest sympathies for his friends and family.

Rest in Peace, wowaka.

Hitorie News Post:

Mar 092019

Today (and yesterday as well, depending on timezones) is another Miku Day, which comes around every year on March 9th! This is the day where Miku fans like to show their apprecation for Hatsune Miku in various ways, such as illustrations, pictures, music, and more!

Here on MikuFan, we’ve made it a yearly tradition to share our favorite Miku Day illustrations! You can click any of the previews below to see their full versions. If you’d like to see more, you can search the #ミクの日 tag on Pixiv or Twitter! There’s always dozens more pages of wonderful artworks to see!

Illustration by 夜ノみつき

Illustration by 松うに

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Mar 052019

A surprising collaboration between Hatsune Miku and Digimon Adventure for its 20th anniversary has been announced today! A collaborative illustration was released, drawn by Atsuya Uki, character designer for “Digimon Adventure tri”, and jacket designer of the ODDS&ENDS album by Supercell. Donning a pair of goggles and a Digivice, Miku fits perfectly with the Digimon art style. It is truly gorgeous!

There’s also a special message from Atsuya Uki!

“Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, “Digimon Adventures”!
I was asked to have Hatsune Miku and Agemon to reference the “Children suspended in the sky”, one of the key visuals in the Digimon “tri.” anime.
In addition, I included Taichi’s goggles, as well as a Digivice, a symbolic bond with the Digimon.
Finally, butterflies are seen fluttering about, in remembrance of the song, “Butter-Fly”.
Their wings are adorned with a faint Digimon-chic pattern.”
– Translated by Loserbait

Additional details of this collaboration will be announced later, so stay tuned!

Via Digimon Adventure and Hatsune Miku Twitter

Feb 202019

The family amusement park Yomiuri Land will be getting an all-new revamp in collaboration with Hatsune Miku and friends starting from February 23rd. Visitors will be seeing popular rides and attractions throughout the park, such as the Kadokeshi Truck, the Spin Runway, and the Sky River, temporarily under Miku-themed decorations and music.

Speaking of amusement park, we can’t leave out the stamp rally! A collaboration stamp rally will also be held with 39 locations across the park, where even small children can participate in a scaled-down rallies. Completion of the rally, regardless of the rally scale, will net badges and stickers for completing a picture of Miku.

The collaboration also extends to sea park attractions, where a new show featuring sea lions will be performed with top Hatsune Miku’s songs. The animals’ trainers will also be wearing matching costumes for the occasion. Other collaboration details include SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 screening, special menus, and limited-edition merchandises.

Finally, there’s a new art that’s yet to be shown, and it can only be seen at a Miku mat in the park’s bungee jump. The collaboration will held until March 17th.

Hatsune Miku x Yomiuri Park →

Via Crunchyroll