Mar 312017

After careful planning and consideration, MikuFan will now become IAFan, your #1 fan source for IA news and resources! Our new header art comes courtesy of Raestu Dwiatmaja, a talented artist from Indonesia. Check out more of his art on his Instagram! →

IA is the first Vocaloid created by 1st Place, and was released on the VOCALOID3 engine in early 2012 as the first vocal of their “-ARIA ON THE PLANETES-” project. Her voice bank samples were created using vocal data from popular singer Lia, from which IA also gets her name. In 2014, she received an additional voice bank release titled IA ROCKS, which gave the voice a feeling of power, and made it better suited towards rock style songs.

Over 15,000 songs have been created with IA’s software to date, she’s starred in her own music game IA/VT Colorful, and she has also performed live in concert at Anime Expo 2015! The recent 「PARTY A GO-GO」 live concert in Japan was the first in her own home country, with its own DVD and Blu-Ray release. Check out the trailer below!

Special thanks to these artists that also offered to help with our new project:

Dr. SwissCheesy:

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  • Pheria

    The day the waifu war took a critical turn! – April 1st.

  • Purini Dood

    It’s still the 31st in the US, you had me for a second.

  • Oh man, you almost gave me a heart attack.

  • Bryan Lopez

    Ah took me a second. It’s not April first yet the U.S. so you got me thinking lol.

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    Bruh I always forget about April 1st and get goofed all the time… Almost had me calling the police

  • Dragoncello

    Tbh if only :’)

  • Well played sir well played…

  • Mishimi Mish

    Godamn april fools. Had me fooled until I remembered the date. Good fun, good fun

  • TUD

    This is a positive, realistic change.

  • Kashantico

    Oh my god, i’m totally felt for this damn good April Fool joke lol!
    PS: I’m also a big fan from IA + having her CD album ‘Vision/03’ are really great as well & thank you for posting too!

  • Jim Dittman

    i hate April fools day, almost gave me a heart attack


    Just offering a suggestion for April Fools 2018. :^)

  • Po Bruce

    ia is trash,

    joking, funny?

  • CharlesScott

    Ha, I blinked… But you really did a bang up job on the page. 1st Rate!

  • April Fools, yes Mikufan??? Must confess you had me for a second! This was better than Crypton ‘ s “Miku Mars Amusement Park in 2039” April Fools. Live Miku, Love Miku, Dream Miku!

  • Connieish Nothungry Dunfeedmeh

    This hurts the IA fans really bad just like the Kagamine Expo… (especially me :'( )