Jul 262012

It’s been over a year since we’ve last seen a Vocaloid release from the circle known as 2D M3NTION Records, with their last hit being the song “Love Song Excuse” along with various remixes. For those of you unfamiliar, the song and album was released as a tribute to the tsunami disaster in Japan earlier last year. You can view the pv for that release here.

Thankfully, the release of this new album comes under much happier circumstances. And just like their last release, it’s completely free for download! You can not only download the original mix and watch the official PV on their site, but you can obtain the remix album with 7 additional tracks.

Official site and download for original mix: [Click to View]

Official site and download for Remix EP: [Click to View]

Each track is the same song, but in a completely different style. Some are slow and relaxing while others are extremely upbeat. Below are two different mixes of the song, and one of them is an additional mix not included in the album, created by Revolution Boi (and also free for download!). Free albums are the best kind of albums, wouldn’t you agree? =P

NU Break Remix by RevolutionBoi. Free download via SoundCloud.

P’n’B Remix by DJ Seven. Free download via 2D M3NTION site.

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