Jun 212012

Thanks to a new post by Famitsu, 8 additional songs have been confirmed for Project Diva F’s library. It looks like SEGA is bringing in quite a few big name artists for this game, and one of the most surprising (for me) is the inclusion of AVTechNO!. This would make the first time that an electro styled track was used for gameplay in a Project Diva title. Having 8#Prince in there is pretty exciting news as well. It also seems that Ryo will be creating the opening song once again.

These songs are not yet posted on the official Project Diva F website, so this is a slightly early leak. The newly announced songs are:

Time Machine by 1640mP(164×40mP)
Fire◎Flower by halyosy
DYE by AVTechNO!
Ashes to Ashes by テンネン(Ten’nen)
Weekender Girl by kz/八王子P (livetune×8#Prince)
Nostalogic by yuukiss
ODDS&ENDS by ryo

EDIT: A new video has been uploaded to the official Project Diva youtube channel to showcase the new tracks.

There’s quite a few game snapshots as well, but you should really head over to famitsu’s gallery to see all of them in their full size. However, here’s a few quick thumbnails to show you what you can expect. Thanks again to salanos for the find.


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