Jan 172014

Any fans of Miku that step off their flight at the Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan may find themselves wandering into a small piece of heaven: A goods shop titled “Wing Shop” that features Angel Hatsune Miku as the theme.

From January 17th until March 31st, visitors will be able to visit the shop where they can purchase goods ranging from figures, apparel, travel needs, trading straps, albums, plushies and more! Additionally, there is a booth where you can play a special version of Miku Miku Hockey (an augmented reality Vita game), where Miku is also wearing angel wings.

At the center of everything is a sight that will certainly attract attention: A life-sized statue of Hatsune Miku bearing angelic wings. As a fun fact, this makes the fourth 1:1 scale statue of Miku made to date.

More details on the official site: http://mikuwing.com/

Images by @mikuismyangel via Twitter.

Video by JUGEMU TV.


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