Jun 062018

Looking for a fun way to learn Japanese language and culture? Hatsune Miku fans can do just that, thanks to a book called “Miku dé Nihongo”, which teaches through reading, singing and commentary!

Learn Japanese language and culture with this collection of 10 famous Hatsune Miku’s songs, a nursery rhyme and an original composition.

Each song (with one exception) shows 1) the original Japanese lyrics 2) how to read the lyrics in Romanized script; 3) the English translation, 4) a commentary on Japanese language or culture reflected in the lyrics, and 5) conversation practice with Hatsune Miku. Recordings of all the lyrics and of the Japanese conversation are downloadable with SONOCA.

◇Includes our own exclusive recording of the popular VOCALOID producer, teaeye: original “Meguri, natsu” (The Wheel of Seasons: Summer)
◇Original Miku illustrations for the cover and SONOCA card by borbone
◇Download voice recordings to practice Japanese conversation with Hatsune Miku

As the songs are introduced and explained in English, it’s a perfect introduction to Hatsune Miku overseas.

List of songs:
1. Hello / How are you – HoehoeP
2. Desktop Cinderella – HachiojiP
3. Haru ga kita – (Japanese nursery rhyme)
4. Hajimete no oto – malo
5. Saihate – Onyx
6. Tell Your World – kz (livetune)
7. Remote Controller – WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY!
8. Soyokaze Drive – 40mP
9. Sakura no ame – halyosy
10. Meguri, natsu – Teaeye (exclusively composed for this book)

You can preorder the book from Amazon Japan for 2,484 Yen ($23 USD) at the following link, which is scheduled to ship June 18th. And yes, it ships overseas! → http://amzn.asia/4bWs6Wr

Via Sanshusha and VNN

Jun 012018

Today’s highlight Hatsune Miku song and video for the day is KISS ME BABY!!! (emon Remix) by, of course. Emon! The song is bright, poppy, and sweet. The perfect kind of music style to fit the animation, which was created by MMD animator Thanks.PVC!

The video is published by ELEGUMI TOKYO, the creator of the original version of the song. Their official YouTube channel features other great songs and videos that are worth checking out. → https://youtube.com/elegumiTokyo/

May 062018

Time to go over the top 10 Hatsune Miku songs uploaded to Nicovideo during the month of April 2018! As always, we’ll be looking at the songs by how many views they received on a daily average, rather than total views, since each song is uploaded at a different time of the month! We also choose Nicovideo as the platform, since the songs are always featured on Nicovideo, but not always featured on YouTube.

Did you find any new favorites from this list, or have a favorite that didn’t quite make the cut? Tell us in the comments below!

#1: 前前前世 (Synth Rock Cover) feat. Hatsune Miku by Omoi

Cover of a popular song from the movie “Your Name”.
Uploaded Apr 21st – 135,490 total – 22,581 daily

#2: Outsider feat. Hatsune Miku by Eve

Uploaded Apr 5th – 505,663 total – 20,227 daily

#3: A Survey from God feat. Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin by Rerulili

Self cover of an earlier song featuring Miku and Gumi
Uploaded Apr 23rd – 53,661 total – 6,708 daily

#4: Starry Sky feat. Hatsune Miku by ChouchouP

Uploaded Apr 17th – 75,366 total – 5,384 daily

#5: Yozurina feat. Hatsune Miku by PinocchioP

Uploaded Apr 2nd – 147,571 total – 5,088 daily

#6: 自由に捕らわれる。 feat. Hatsune Miku by Kanzaki Iori

Uploaded Apr 6th – 55,985 total – 2,240 daily

#7: Humorous Noises feat. Hatsune Miku by Shitoo

Self cover of an earlier song featuring Saine Yume
Uploaded Apr 10th – 44,870 total – 2,137 daily

#8: Worldwide Festival feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Megurine Luka by HachiojiP

Uploaded Apr 15th – 33,041 total – 2,066 daily

#9: Azalea City feat. Hatsune Miku by 輝星

Uploaded Apr 27th – 7,824 total – 1,956 daily

#10: April feat. Hatsune Miku by mao sasagawa

Uploaded Apr 21st – 19,336 total – 1,933 daily

Apr 272018

The results for the Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2018 song contest have just been announced! This early is a bit surprising, since they originally promised an early May reveal. But without further delay, here’s the 5 winners of the song contest!

-= Grand Prize =-

METEOR / Divela
Entry Link: http://piapro.jp/t/C0lr


-= Runner-Ups =-

Magic Time, Future Show! / Ms.
Entry Link: http://piapro.jp/t/4wTd

Storm is the Red / 畑中洋光
Entry Link: http://piapro.jp/t/JumV

World Clock / ryuryu
Entry Link: http://piapro.jp/t/N1e9

アフターマス / millstones
Entry Link: http://piapro.jp/t/-xnB

ボクラノート / 市瀬るぽ
Entry Link: http://piapro.jp/t/hr4M

Via Magical Mirai Twitter

Apr 182018

Clean Tears is one of the longest standing Vocaloid producers in the community, having created music with Hatsune Miku now for over 10 years. And despite producing music in niche genres such as Vocaloid EDM, he’s grown a worldwide following of fans and similarly aspiring artists. We’ve been following CT’s works since nearly the beginning, so we were very excited when CT accepted our request for a community contributed interview!

We gathered questions from MikuFan followers on our social media for the interview, so thank you to everyone who submitted their questions! And special thanks to @xNEOxGENESISx and @gigimiumusic for providing their translation assistance. Read the full interview below!
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