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Is it just me, or does each Snow Miku design collaboration seem start earlier every year? Regardless, if you’ve wanted to try your hand at contributing a design idea for official Snow Miku 2017 and/or Rabbit Yukine adoption, now’s your chance!

Between now and May 11th at 5:00 PM JST, illustrators and fans alike can pitch their design ideas for Snow Miku 2017, her pet rabbit Yukine, or both! The theme for Snow Miku 2017 is “Starry Sky/Image of constellation in a Hokkaido Winter Night“! By that logic, Winter Night Miku would have been perfect for this…

How To Submit

To submit your Snow Miku or Rabbit Yukine designs, please make sure to have an account registered on Piapro.jp. Next, create your Snow Miku design in nendoroid form! You can use this provided template, if needed. Rabbit Yukine illustrations are completely freeform.

Start the submission process by clicking “新規投稿” from the top menu of Piapro.jp, or by clicking here. After uploading your design, please add these tags to your artworks, and be sure to lock the tags! Locking the tags is very important for the submission process.

If uploading Snow Miku 2017 design art, use this link and then lock the tag when completed: http://piapro.jp/upload_step/?dt=2017年雪ミク衣装

If uploading Rabbit Yukine 2017 design art, use this link and then lock the tag when completed: http://piapro.jp/upload_step/?dt=2017年ユキネ衣装

After you’ve completed the above, that’s it! The finalist designs will be chosen by Good Smile Company, and there will be a community web vote for the winning designs later in May 2016. The first prototypes using the new design will be revealed at Magical Mirai 2016 between September 9th~11th. If you’d like to view the current art submissions, you can do so from these pages:

> Snow Miku 2017 design submissions
> Rabbit Yukine design submissions

Stay tuned for further updates!

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