Feb 212013

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Family Mart is already gearing up to prepare for the next seasonal promotion featuring Hatsune Miku. For the first time, the event will exclusively feature a Sakura Miku theme with various products and prizes!

hc0g74000013x9y5From March 5th until April 1st, Family Mart stores will be selling various Sakura Miku themed lunches, snacks and desserts.

Making another return is the highly popular cheesecake and Mikuman meat-stuffed buns (a pun of the original name, “Nikuman”) with the Sakura Miku theme. Also making a return is the bottled vegetable juice, inspired by the song “Popipo“!

Prize giveaways are also part of this promotion, with the biggest items being jackets, Sakura Miku nendoroids, framed images of artworks, and copies of Kaito’s newly released VOCALOID3 software. Spending at least 500 yen on select store products will enter you for a chance to win these, and various other prizes. View the full article on Family Mart’s site, located here.


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